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  1. Fox Loses Latest Bid to Halt Dish's Place-Shifting Technology

    10:34 am 7/14/2014

    The 9th Circuit affirms a district judge's conclusion that Fox hasn't demonstrated irreparable harm.Read more

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  2. Frank Darabont's 'Walking Dead' Lawsuit: About More Than Zombies, but How Much More?

    7:21 am 7/14/2014

    AMC defends its push to get CAA to hand over profit agreements negotiated for all of its TV clients. Attorneys for the talent agency warn of a "devastating impact on CAA's entire business."Read more

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  3. Fred Thompson: It's 'Tough' to Be a Republican Actor in Hollywood (Q&A)

    6:30 am 7/14/2014

    The "Law & Order" alum, a former U.S. senator and GOP candidate for president, stars in a new movie about corruption in the U.S. Senate.Read more

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  4. Komixx Entertaiment Options Simon Mayo's Teen Series 'Itch'

    6:29 am 7/14/2014

    The best-selling franchise from the British radio presenter follows the adventures of a mad scientist teen trying to track down all the elements in the periodic table. Read more

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  5. 'Opie & Anthony' Co-Host: 'I Absolutely Do Not Believe That Anthony Should've Been Fired'

    5:17 am 7/14/2014

    Gregg "Opie" Hughes and Jim Norton talk about why they need to adhere to the contract and offer more insights into what happened in the wake of Anthony Cumia's tweets and firing.Read more

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  6. ‎Universal Studios Japan to Boost Annual Visitors by 2 Million With 'Harry Potter World'

    11:05 pm 7/13/2014

    The new attraction, which cost $444 million, is part of a plan to revitalize the theme park and attract people from around Asia.Read more

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  7. SAG-AFTRA Board Approves TV-Theatrical Deal

    11:10 pm 7/12/2014

    The deal now goes to the membership for ratification.Read more

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  8. New 'Atlas Shrugged' Sequel Trailer Reveals Image of John Galt (Exclusive Video)

    2:52 pm 7/12/2014

    The third movie in the trilogy based on Ayn Rand's popular book will be released in theaters Sept. 12.Read more

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  9. Hollywood Docket: 'Blurred Lines'; Bob Marley; TV Stunt Accident

    12:48 pm 7/11/2014

    A roundup of entertainment law news including a lawsuit from a man who tried to set the record for "fastest time to jump through 10 panes of tempered glass."Read more

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