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  1. Yes, I Did Say That!

    6:00 am 11/17/2012

    THE REPORT: Katie Holmes considers a "Dawson's Creek" reunion.Read more

  2. 7 Days of Deals

    6:00 am 11/17/2012

    THE REPORT: Time Warner Cable's deal to carry L.A. Lakers games marked the vindication of a risky programming strategy.Read more

  3. Vanity Fair Party-Crash Case Heads to Trial

    6:00 am 11/17/2012

    THE REPORT: Duelling lawsuits continue the fallout from this year's bash.Read more

  4. THR Heat Index

    6:00 am 11/17/2012

    THE REPORT: "Big Bang Theory" showrunner Bill Prady scores the sitcom's most-watched episode.Read more

  5. Hollywood's IP Wars: This Bud Isn't for You

    6:00 am 11/17/2012

    THE BUSINESS: IP is going VIP as trademark overload reshapes how brands appear onscreen.Read more

  6. 8 Decades of The Hollywood Reporter

    6:00 am 11/17/2012

    Now in the Petraeus mess, Scandal's Judy Smith once managed Monica.Read more

  7. Disney CEO Robert Iger Makes $17.9 Million From Stock Sale

    3:53 am 11/17/2012

    He continues to own 1.14 million shares of the entertainment conglomerate after the sale designed to diversify his investments.Read more

  8. Netflix's Reed Hastings Responds to Carl Icahn Acquisition Rumors

    7:41 pm 11/16/2012

    The CEO says his company can make it "absolutely on our own."Read more

  9. HBO's Michael Lombardo is the Caucus' Executive of the Year

    6:20 pm 11/16/2012

    The group of veteran producers, directors and writers also announces nominees for producer of the year, including Steven Spielberg, J.J. Abrams and Howard Gordon.Read more

  10. Director Sam Raimi Sues Insurance Broker for Fraud

    5:34 pm 11/16/2012

    The broker, who also represented Tom Hanks, was arrested by the FBI this month and faces 10 counts of fraud, amid charges he had cheated clients out of more than $800,000.Read more

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