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  1. Disney Sues Horse-Racing Announcer's Estate Over 'Secretariat'

    9:32 am 7/3/2012

    The family of a CBS announcer who called the 1973 Triple Crown has said the 2010 film used his voice without permission.Read more

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  2. John Malone's Unitymedia Completes Acquisition of KabelBW

    9:00 am 7/3/2012

    The $4 billion deal creates a cable giant, which reaches 12.5 million households across Germany.Read more

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  3. BBC Debuts Olympics Trailer

    8:55 am 7/3/2012

    UPDATED: U.K.-based viewers will see the pubcaster's animated promo across all platforms during the London 2012 games.Read more

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  4. New York Post Editor Forced to Answer Rupert Murdoch 'Monkey Cartoon' Questions

    8:05 am 7/3/2012

    In an ongoing discrimination lawsuit, a judge says that NYP editor-in-chief Col Allan can't assert "editorial privilege" to shield conversations he had with the News Corp. mogul about a decision to publish a controversial Obama cartoon.Read more

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  5. News Corp. Joint Venture in China, Partner to Invest in International TV Content

    6:43 am 7/3/2012

    Investment firm Puji Capital will help finance and develop programming for the Star pay TV platform.Read more

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  6. Ferrari's Former Design Guru Dies

    6:35 am 7/3/2012

    Sergio Pininfarina, whose company also designed cars for Fiat, Cadillac and Volvo, died Tuesday in Turin, Italy.Read more

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  7. European Parliament Expected to Kill Intellectual Property Treaty Wednesday

    6:32 am 7/3/2012

    A "no" for the entertainment industry-backed Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement, or ACTA, vote would kill the controversial copyright protection law in Europe.Read more

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  8. Activision Invades China with Brand New 'Call of Duty Online' Game (Video)

    6:18 am 7/3/2012

    Tencent will introduce a free-to-play version of the popular shooter to Chinese gamers through a multi-year licensing agreement.Read more

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  9. U.S. Judge Allows Megaupload to Seek Dismissal but Not Access to Funds

    5:01 am 7/3/2012

    A decision on whether a former user can regain lost data hasn't been made.Read more

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  10. British Film Institute Defends U.K. Film Tax Credits as 'Stable and Legitimate'

    4:48 am 7/3/2012

    The organization reassures filmmakers amid media reports about tax avoidance schemes that the government is looking to shut down.Read more

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