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  1. Publicist Carrie Byalick Launches Management Company (Exclusive)

    7:15 am 6/24/2016

    The ID PR rep's first client as a manager will be actress America Ferrera.Read more

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  2. Judge Halts Auction of Whitney Houston's Emmy

    6:04 am 6/24/2016

    The Television Academy succeeds at the preliminary stage in showing a likelihood of victory in the lawsuit and irreperable harm from a planned sale.Read more

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  3. Brexit: 5 Ways It Could Impact Hollywood

    5:35 am 6/24/2016

    The U.K.'s shocking vote to leave the EU could have dramatic implications for the film industry. Read more

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  4. Brexit: What It Means for Entertainment Industry M&A

    4:14 am 6/24/2016

    "In dollars, ITV will never look cheaper," says one analyst, with another saying the Brexit vote "increases the chances of a bid by one of the major U.S. media companies." Read more

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  5. Brexit Is "Major Blow" to Film, TV Industries

    2:02 am 6/24/2016

    “This decision has just blown up our foundation,” says the independent film and TV alliance after Britain votes to leave the European Union. Read more

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  6. Europe Stunned By Brexit Vote, France's Marine Le Pen Calls for "Frexit" Referendum

    12:28 am 6/24/2016

    The continent airs blanket coverage of the U.K.'s historic vote to leave the European Union. Read more

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  7. Donald Trump Says Brexit Is a "Great Thing" as He Arrives in Scotland

    11:43 pm 6/23/2016

    The U.S. presidential hopeful arrived at his Trump Turnberry golf course and waded straight into the U.K. decision to leave the E.U., while demonstrators gathered accusing him of racism and Islamophobia. Read more

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  8. U.S., European Media Stocks Take Hit Amid Global Sell-Off After Brexit Vote

    11:17 pm 6/23/2016

    ITV hits a multiyear low, and analysts expect U.S. markets and media and entertainment stocks to take a heavy hit after Britain votes to leave the European Union.Read more

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  9. U.K. Votes to Leave European Union

    8:47 pm 6/23/2016

    The vote comes after weeks of fierce campaigning on both sides of the so-called "Brexit" debate, with the U.K.'s creative industries largely backing the remain camp. Early media reports signal the U.K. will leave.Read more

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  10. CBS, Paramount Tell 'Star Trek' Fans How They Can Make Fan Films Without Getting Sued

    3:18 pm 6/23/2016

    In the midst of a lawsuit targeting a crowdfunded film, the two studios give 10 conditions.Read more

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