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  1. Donald Trump Bashes Conservative Radio Host Hugh Hewitt After Awkward Foreign-Policy Interview

    8:20 am 9/4/2015

    Calling in to MSNBC's 'Morning Joe,' Trump called Hugh Hewitt a "third-rate radio announcer" after the host asked the Republican frontrunner what he considered to be a series of "gotcha" questions in an interview on Thursday.Read more

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  2. Harvey Weinstein Gives Oscar Advice to 'Hamilton' Producer

    8:00 am 9/4/2015

    John Gore secured strategist Amy Grey for an awards campaign after Weinstein saw his short film 'Noma: Forgiving Apartheid' and planted the seed.Read more

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  3. Toronto as Stand-In for Ecuador? This Is How It Happens

    5:00 am 9/4/2015

    White-water rafting in completely flat Manitoba? No problem say production designers who celebrate Canada's unused and unspoiled locations: "We were looking for somewhere man had not been."Read more

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  4. A Tale of Two Hacks: How Ashley Madison's Legal Woes Differ From Sony's

    5:00 am 9/4/2015

    The infidelity website faces lawsuits from plaintiffs who want to remain anonymous and claim the company's account deletion service was a scam.Read more

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  5. Tom Brady's Deflategate Suspension Overturned: Keith Olbermann, Bill Simmons Bash Roger Goodell on Twitter

    1:23 pm 9/3/2015

    Meanwhile, other entertainment industry figures mock the amount of attention, time and money spent on the case, with Seth Meyers writing, "Despite being a Steelers fan I am genuinely happy the suspension was overturned. Even happier our tax dollars paid for it!"Read more

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  6. Tori Spelling Sues Benihana Over Third-Degree Burns From Hibachi Grill

    11:21 am 9/3/2015

    The actress filed a personal injury lawsuit.Read more

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  7. Hollywood Flashback: In 2002, PI Anthony Pellicano Was Indicted After Wiretapping Former MGM Boss' Ex-Wife

    11:00 am 9/3/2015

    While investigating the paternity of Kirk Kerkorian's presumed daughter, the high-profile PI illegally recorded 34 phone calls with his ex and shared the info with lawyer Terry Christensen. Thirteen years later, both men are still trying to overturn charges.Read more

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  8. 'Girl in the Spider's Web': The Feuds, Drama and New Author Behind the Series Revival

    8:28 am 9/3/2015

    A decade after the sudden death of creator Stieg Larsson roiled 'The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo' franchise, Swedish writer David Lagercratz restarts the story with a propulsive thriller that takes inspiration from 'Batman Begins.'Read more

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  9. Rights Available! John Grisham Returns While Bitcoin Tale May Generate Buzz

    8:00 am 9/3/2015

    Grisham's 'Rogue Lawyer' and David Kushner's "The Rise and Fall of a Bitcoin Kingpin" are ready for optioning.Read more

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  10. Tom Brady's Four-Game Deflategate Suspension Nullified, Judge Rules

    7:19 am 9/3/2015

    The ruling means the Patriots quarterback can play in the NFL season opener on Sept. 10 against the Steelers.Read more

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