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TLC (TV network)

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  1. 'Here Comes Honey Boo Boo' Specials Get Premiere Dates

    9:59 am 12/12/2012

    Four episodes on the Thompsons' well-documented holidays will air in January and February. Read more

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  2. 'Wives with Beehives' Sneak Peek

    9:45 am 12/12/2012

    Sneak peek of TLC's new series examining people that choose to live their life style as if it was still 50's. The series is set to premiere on Dec 27th, at 10/9c. Read more

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  3. TLC to Air 'Wives With Beehives' Special on Women Living Like It's the 1950s (Video)

    9:37 am 12/12/2012

    Taking a different turn from the antics of "Honey Boo Boo," the one-hour outing will focus on four women trying to turn back the clock on family values. Read more

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  4. Pete Rose Reality Series Gets Premiere Date

    4:10 pm 12/11/2012

    TLC's six-part series, "Pete Rose: Hits & Mrs.," will debut Jan. 14.Read more

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  5. Sin City Rules: TV Review

    4:30 am 12/7/2012

    From the producers of "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" comes a new reality series about Vegas women behaving badly. Read more

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  6. Barbara Walters Defends Honey Boo Boo 'Most Fascinating' Selection

    11:00 am 12/4/2012

    The ABC News vet says Alana Thompson "is not an obnoxious little girl."Read more

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  7. TMZ Pulls Down 'Sexy' Child Star Video to Settle Lawsuit (Exclusive)

    10:12 am 11/5/2012

    The Warner Bros.-owned website joins Huffington Post and Daily Mail in ending a $30 million lawsuit over whether a 5-year-old "Toddlers & Tiaras" star was sexualized online.Read more

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  8. TLC Renews 'Long Island Medium' for Fourth Season (Exclusive)

    4:01 pm 11/1/2012

    The unscripted series, currently averaging 2.9 million viewers, will return with a new batch of episodes in March.Read more

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  9. TLC's 'Breaking Amish' Confronting Cast History, Fraud Accusations in Reunion Special

    11:58 am 10/25/2012

    Following reports that the reality series' stars were long separated from the Amish and Mennonite communities before filming, the popular show has plotted a two-part interview.Read more

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  10. Extreme Cheapskates: TV Review

    9:01 am 10/15/2012

    Fans of TLC's other series examining unusual behavior -- and A&E's "Hoarders" -- won't be disappointed by this latest spectacle.Read more

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