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New York Film Festival

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  1. 'Junun': NYFF Review

    3:10 pm 10/8/2015

    Paul Thomas Anderson follows frequent music collaborator Jonny Greenwood to Jodhpur, India, to record an album with Israeli composer Shye Ben Tzur.Read more

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  2. Kate Winslet on 'Steve Jobs' at NYFF Career Tribute Dinner: "I Was Helped Hugely By Some Very Bad Hairstyles and Clothes"

    12:52 pm 10/7/2015

    The six-time Oscar nominee talks about the challenges and joys of transforming herself into Apple's Joanna HoffmanRead more

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  3. 'The Witness': NYFF Review

    10:48 am 10/7/2015

    James Solomon's moving documentary chronicles Bill Genovese's quest for the truth behind his sister Kitty's notorious murder. Read more

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  4. 'Bridge of Spies' NYFF Premiere: Tom Hanks, Steven Spielberg Talk Importance of Being Prepared, Trusting First-Time Screenwriter

    12:52 pm 10/5/2015

    "Steven does this incredible thing when he casts you: He empowers you with the scene," Hanks explained. "He wants you to come in with ideas that are beyond the page, beyond the text and even I think beyond the purview of your own character."Read more

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  5. 'Don't Blink: Robert Frank': NYFF Review

    9:13 am 10/5/2015

    Laura Israel's documentary recounts the life and career of the famed photographer/filmmaker. Read more

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  6. NYFF: Michael Moore Calls Lack of Diversity in Hollywood "A Form of Apartheid"

    11:59 am 10/4/2015

    "When you block out whole groups of film by that cinema, what are the great films that you and I are missing because their great voices can’t be heard?" he said in a Sunday discussion.Read more

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  7. NYFF: 'Steve Jobs' Star Michael Fassbender, Director Danny Boyle Weren't Bothered by Pre-Production Drama

    11:05 am 10/4/2015

    The helmer and fellow star Kate Winslet talk about the "exciting," "amazing challenge" of making the movie, which consists of three acts, with the scenes taking place in real time.Read more

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  8. Michael Moore on Donald Trump, UCC Shooting and How "The Only Safe Place for Guns Is a Woman’s Uterus"

    1:23 pm 10/2/2015

    The 'Where to Invade Next' director spoke candidly to reporters after the film's first U.S. screening, though clarifying, "I talk politically a lot, but if I really just wanted to make political speeches, I would run for office."Read more

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  9. George Clooney Recalls Shooting 'O Brother, Where Art Thou' KKK Scene With Black Actors

    6:00 am 9/30/2015

    The bona fide actor reunited with fellow Soggy Bottom Boys Tim Blake Nelson and John Turturro, who each told THR of directing lessons learned from Ethan and Joel Coen's 2000 comedy.Read more

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  10. 'Everything is Copy': NYFF Review

    5:00 pm 9/29/2015

    Jacob Bernstein's documentary chronicles the life and career of his mother, the late author/filmmaker Nora Ephron. Read more

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