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James Corden

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  1. Seth Rogen Pairs Up With James Corden to Surprise L.A. Residents With Pizza | THR News

    3:12 pm 6/23/2017

    What’s better than a pizza party? A pizza party with all the perfect Instagram opportunities plus, James Corden, Seth Rogen and Dominic Cooper.Read more

  2. Seth Rogen, James Corden and Dominic Cooper Deliver Pizza, Surprises to L.A. Residents

    9:42 am 6/23/2017

    Those ordering pies were treated to a raucous party complete with tequila and a shirtless 'Late Late Show' host.Read more

  3. James Corden Sends Trump 'Philadelphia' Letters | THR News

    1:10 pm 6/21/2017

    CBS' Late Late Show host James Corden sent those 297 copies of Philadelphia to President Donald Trump after he was disappointed to hear that six members of Trump's presidential advisory committee on HIV/AIDS recently resigned.Read more

  4. Late-Night Hosts Take on Reports of Spicer Leaving Press Secretary Role | THR News

    12:26 pm 6/21/2017

    Late-night hosts addressed the reports that Sean Spicer's role in the White House might be changing, with Spicer stepping away from the daily press briefings.Read more

  5. Late-Night Hosts Weigh In on Reports of Sean Spicer Stepping Away From Daily Press Briefings

    8:43 am 6/21/2017

    "Sean, I have so many questions. If you go, who will not answer them?" said 'The Late Show's' Stephen Colbert.Read more

  6. James Corden Sends 297 Copies of 'Philadelphia' to Trump to Raise HIV/AIDS Awareness

    7:19 am 6/21/2017

    The 'Late Late Show' host asked his audience to send any spare copies they can find to the president's Mar-a-Lago residence.Read more

  7. Trump's "Witch Hunt" Comments Mocked By Late-Night Hosts | THR News

    1:50 pm 6/16/2017

    President Donald Trump is being personally investigated for obstruction of justice and TV's late-night hosts were armed with jokes about both the investigation and Trump's defensive response.Read more

  8. Late-Night Hosts Pick Apart Jeff Sessions' Testimony (and Accent)

    7:06 pm 6/13/2017

    Kate McKinnon impersonated Sessions for Seth Meyers while on 'Late Night.'Read more

  9. Shipping the 'Late Late Show' to London: 54 Staff, One Sofa, One Desk and One (Unused) Flinch Machine

    4:05 am 6/12/2017

    The exec producers of 'The Late Late Show With James Corden' explain the logistics of relocating an entire talk show from CBS Television City to central London for three episodes. Read more

  10. The Best Moments of 'The Late Late Show With James Corden' In London | THR News

    2:45 pm 6/9/2017

    James Corden had a jolly good time taking the 'Late Late Show' to London this week. Let’s review some of the host’s best moments during his week across the Pond!Read more

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