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John Oliver

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  1. Louis C.K. Recalls His First NYC Apartment: "It Was Pretty Gross"

    10:00 am 4/10/2015

    And that's just one tale as several Hollywood power players, from Will Arnett to Melissa McCarthy to Leslie Moonves, reveal the sometimes scary, smelly and roach-infested digs they called home way back when.Read more

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  2. John Oliver Interviews Edward Snowden on Harmful Documents and Nude Photos (Video)

    5:53 am 4/6/2015

    "You're giving documents with information you know could be harmful, which could get out there."Read more

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  3. John Oliver Hates April Fools' Day, Says It's for Sociopaths (Video)

    5:13 am 3/30/2015

    "Isn't betrayal fun?"Read more

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  4. John Oliver Rips Apart NCAA for Not Paying College Athletes

    8:19 am 3/16/2015

    The 'Last Week Tonight' host introduces the authentic "March Sadness" video game.Read more

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  5. John Oliver Defends Voting Rights for U.S. Territories (Video)

    11:00 am 3/9/2015

    "Imagine how it must feel to have the desire to vote but know deep down you're going to be ignored."Read more

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  6. John Oliver Mocks Daylight Saving Time, Reveals True Origin

    6:42 am 3/9/2015

    Hint: It has nothing to do with farmers.Read more

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  7. John Oliver Has Perfect Replacement for Jon Stewart on 'Daily Show'

    11:19 am 2/18/2015

    Genius plan, John Oliver. Read more

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  8. Philip Morris to John Oliver: Give Us a Break, We're Trying Our Best

    3:30 pm 2/17/2015

    "While we recognize the tobacco industry is an easy target for comedians, we take seriously the responsibility that comes with selling a product that is an adult choice and is harmful to health."Read more

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  9. HBO Locks Down John Oliver for Two More Seasons of 'Last Week Tonight'

    11:35 am 2/17/2015

    The second season of the series started in February, after the freshman run averaged north of 4 million weekly viewers.Read more

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  10. John Oliver's New Tobacco Campaign: Meet Jeff the Diseased Lung

    11:31 am 2/16/2015

    Oliver criticizes cigarette companies and then offers a solution for everyone.Read more

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