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Kingsman: The Secret Service

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  1. 'Kingsman: The Golden Circle' Teaser: Blink and It's Over

    11:29 am 4/18/2017

    "A proper spy movie." Read more

  2. 'Kingsman: A Golden Circle' Trailer Gets Big Applause at CinemaCon

    9:26 am 3/30/2017

    The often subdued Vegas crowd reacted strongly to the footage, giving it one of the bigger cheers of the convention.Read more

  3. James Murdoch Pledges More "Consistent" Quality for Fox Film Franchises

    10:27 am 9/21/2016

    He said he's happy the film studio has avoided "massive losses," but said, "fundamentally, we have to make better movies."Read more

  4. 'Kingsman: The Golden Circle' Trailer Delivers Spy Action With a Southern Twist

    2:05 pm 9/16/2016

    Matthew Vaughn's 'Kingsman' sequel hits theaters Sept. 22.Read more

  5. 'Kingsman: The Golden Circle': 3 Ways Colin Firth Could Make His Comeback

    12:55 pm 9/1/2016

    Death is not the end for Firth's 'Kingsman' character Harry Hart.Read more

  6. Colin Firth Pictured Donning Black Glasses for 'Kingsman: A Golden Circle'

    8:57 am 7/12/2016

    "Hide behind Harry."Read more

  7. CineEurope: Fox Presents Exclusive Looks at 'Assassin's Creed,' 'Alien Covenant' and 'Kingsman 2'

    12:52 pm 6/21/2016

    The studio also teased its Hugh Jackman-fronted P.T. Barnum musical biopic, 'The Greatest Showman,' and Pharrell Williams stopped by to promote 'Hidden Figures.'Read more

  8. 'Kingsman' Sequel Teaser Image Suggests Death Is Not the End

    10:51 am 4/7/2016

    Could Harry Hart live to fight again?Read more

  9. 'Kingsman: The Secret Service' Sequel Gets Title

    1:18 am 3/29/2016

    The follow-up to last year's hit spy thriller is due out in 2017 and has signed up Halle Berry and Julianne Moore. Read more

  10. Halle Berry Back in the Spy Game for 'Kingsman 2'

    3:56 pm 3/10/2016

    The actress is in talks for a role in the sequel to the 'Kingsman: The Secret Service.'Read more

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