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  1. George Takei: Donald Trump Attended "Beautiful" Gay Marriage Yet Won't Support It

    7:35 am 6/30/2015

    "'Traditional marriage' is where two people love each other, commit to each other, care for each other over the years. It is a meaningful ceremony, and his interpretation of that is not recognizing what real marriage is.”Read more

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  2. Watch Jimmy Kimmel Outline How Supreme Court Marriage Ruling "Is Going to Totally Ruin Being Gay"

    6:57 am 6/30/2015

    "Remember when the word 'gay' meant happy? It doesn't anymore," joked the late-night host. "We will look back on this as the golden age of gay stuff and tears will be shed."Read more

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  3. Jon Stewart on Gay Marriage Bashers: "I Am So Tired of This"

    9:57 pm 6/29/2015

    The 'Daily Show' host mocks Mike Huckabee, John Roberts and more.Read more

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  4. 'It Shoulda Been You' Star Tyne Daly Gives Emotional Curtain Speech After Gay Marriage Ruling

    8:40 am 6/29/2015

    "Hate is very strong, but love is stronger," she told the audience, connecting the ruling to her own marriage.Read more

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  5. John Oliver Slams Media for Transgender Genitalia Talk: "None of Your F—ing Business"

    7:37 am 6/29/2015

    “This is a civil rights issue, and if you’re not willing to support transgender people for their sake, at least do it for your own. Because we’ve been through this before, we know how this thing ends."Read more

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  6. Ian McKellen on Supreme Court Gay Marriage Ruling: "Telling People the Truth Must Continue" (Q&A)

    5:00 am 6/28/2015

    With Derek Jacobi, the two PBS' 'Vicious' stars who will serve as grand marshals of New York City's Pride parade, spoke to THR on aging in Hollywood and being challenged by the sitcom genre.Read more

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  7. CNN Mistakes Sex Toy Flag for ISIS Flag at Gay Pride Parade

    2:22 pm 6/27/2015

    The cable news network aired an "exclusive" report after one of its international reporters claimed she saw terrorist propaganda during the London event.Read more

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  8. Openly Gay Ex-NBA Player Jason Collins Says Mom Couldn't Think of Better Anniversary Gift Than Supreme Court Ruling

    12:29 pm 6/26/2015

    The former professional basketball player, who came out in 2013 in a first-person feature for 'Sports Illustrated,' tells THR that he "will always remember where I was and what I was doing when I found out the news."Read more

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  9. American Family Radio Host Rants Against Gay Marriage Ruling: "6/26 Is Now Our 9/11"

    11:20 am 6/26/2015

    "June 26, 2015: the day the twin towers of truth and righteousness were blown up by moral jihadists."Read more

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  10. Gay Marriage Ruling: 7 Angriest Lines from Scalia's Dissent

    8:54 am 6/26/2015

    There are no genuine Westerners on the high court, the conservative justice points out, writing, "California does not count."Read more

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