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Batman Vs. Superman

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  1. Time Warner Shareholder Rails Against George Clooney During Annual Meeting

    8:07 am 6/19/2015

    "I would like to know how much Mr. Clooney has received, how much money is going to Lebanon and to his wife," a shareholder questioned CEO Jeff Bewkes. Read more

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  2. Superman vs. Batman? DC's Real Battle Is How to Create Its Superhero Universe

    7:00 am 4/29/2015

    Warner Bros. is employing a different strategy than Marvel as it hires five writers for 'Wonder Woman,' has no clear leader and deals with new frustrations in its struggles to craft a compelling 10-movie world.Read more

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  3. Let's You and Him Fight: A Superhero vs. Superhero Slugfest Primer

    8:15 am 4/26/2015

    As 'Batman v Superman' brings intra-superhero sights to the big screen, a look back at the sub-genre's comic book roots.Read more

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  4. Batman v Superman? A Brief Comic Book History of the World's Finest Super Bros

    2:15 pm 4/23/2015

    The ups, downs and reboots of the relationship between DC's two biggest heroes.Read more

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  5. 'Batman v Superman' Honest Trailer Reveals Subtext Behind the Talking Heads (Video)

    9:39 am 4/21/2015

    Never mind whether Superman's dangerous; can fans embrace a DC movie?Read more

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  6. 'Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice' Teaser Trailer

    5:40 pm 4/20/2015

    The first 'Batman v Superman' teaser is released.Read more

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  7. It's Not the Trailer Leak: Why Fans Aren't Thrilled With 'Batman v. Superman' Footage So Far (Opinion)

    1:52 pm 4/17/2015

    The online hive mind of super fans that hated 'Man of Steel' is quick to write off anything and everything to do with its sequel.Read more

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  8. 'Batman v. Superman' Leaked Trailer

    10:09 am 4/17/2015

    Zack Snyder's upcoming 'Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice.'Read more

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  9. 'Batman v. Superman' Trailer Leaks on YouTube

    7:52 pm 4/16/2015

    The trailer was taken down minutes after being leaked on multiple sites.Read more

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  10. Zack Snyder Shares 'Batman v. Superman' Teaser (Video)

    5:02 pm 4/15/2015

    The first full trailer for the superhero beat-em-up is almost hereRead more

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