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Man of Steel 2

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  1. 'Star Wars: Episode VII,' 'Batman-Superman' and 3 Other Hot Movies Looking for Stars

    8:00 am 11/25/2013

    "Fifty Shades"? So last month, as studios use the final weeks of the year to find fresh faces for tentpoles in 2015 and beyond, while agents hope to land their clients the next big hits.Read more

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  2. Report: Warners' URL Registrations Hint at 'Man of Steel 2' Titles

    2:12 pm 11/21/2013

    Warner Bros. has reportedly registered multiple web domains for 2015's follow-up to "Man of Steel," hinting at possible titles for the movie.Read more

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  3. Will 'Batman vs. Superman' Feature Bat Drones?

    3:21 pm 11/18/2013

    Was a "Batman vs. Superman" spoiler shared on Twitter last week -- or just another moment of fan speculation?Read more

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  4. Zack Snyder Teases 'Man of Steel' Sequel Details (Video)

    4:25 pm 11/9/2013

    The director hinted Batman and Superman likely will have "some physical conflicts" with each other and that Lex Luthor loves calling Superman an alien. Read more

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  5. Ben Affleck Was 'Reluctant' to Take Batman Role

    9:12 pm 10/25/2013

    The actor says Zack Snyder landed him for the "Man of Steel" sequel by convincing him it would be both different from what had come before but also "in keeping with tradition." Read more

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  6. Stan Lee Wants a Cameo in 'Batman vs. Superman'

    11:14 am 10/21/2013

    Marvel Comics co-creator says that "nobody would believe it," if he appeared in 2015's "Man of Steel" sequel, but "everybody would go see it."Read more

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  7. Report: Superman vs. Batman to Start Shooting This Weekend

    10:56 am 10/15/2013

    A college football game will be repurposed as a Gotham/Metropolis face-off this Saturday, according to one report that's appeared online.Read more

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  8. The Inside Story of How Warner Bros.' Kevin Tsujihara Defied Skeptics, Personally Wooed J.K. Rowling

    5:00 am 9/18/2013

    How the new CEO snared Ben Affleck as Batman, then deftly navigated creative demands (no script rewrites!) and is winning early praise.Read more

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  9. Ben Affleck Responds to Batman Backlash: 'I'm Very Tough' (Video)

    11:01 pm 9/16/2013

    "I look down on the first comment...the first one just goes, 'Nooooooooo!' " Affleck says on Monday's "Late Night."Read more

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  10. Justin Bieber Teases 'Batman Vs. Superman' Role

    10:17 pm 9/13/2013

    The singer Instagrammed a photo of himself with a (presumably) phony script for the "Man of Steel" sequel.Read more

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