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Tim’s Vermeer

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  1. David Hockney on Why 'Tim's Vermeer' Doesn't Make the Artist Out to be a Fraud

    2:04 pm 1/31/2014

    The famed British artist discusses how the Dutch master created photo-perfect paintings.Read more

  2. 'Tim's Vermeer' Clip: Tim Examines Vermeers

    1:54 pm 12/3/2013

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  3. 'Tim's Vermeer' Clip: Tim Paints His Father-In-Law

    1:47 pm 12/3/2013

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  4. Oscars: The 15 Documentaries Most Likely to Make the Shortlist

    10:22 pm 11/20/2013

    By Friday, the Academy must narrow down the list of 151 potential contenders — THR's awards analyst offers his best guess about which they will pick.Read more

  5. 'Tim's Vermeer' Clip: Tim is Not a Painter

    4:40 pm 11/8/2013

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  6. Tim's Vermeer: Film Review

    5:46 pm 9/16/2013

    A documentary that demonstrates how a savvy and dedicated amateur with sufficient resources was able to create a remarkable likeness of a great 17th century painting.Read more

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