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Nic Pizzolatto

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  1. AFM: Elle Fanning, Ben Foster to Star in Nic Pizzolatto's 'Galveston'

    1:29 pm 11/2/2016

    Melanie Laurent will direct the crime thriller.Read more

  2. Robert Downey Jr. Teaming With 'True Detective' Creator for HBO Drama

    3:55 pm 8/15/2016

    Nic Pizzolatto is on board to pen the script, while the 'Iron Man' actor is set to star.Read more

  3. HBO's Michael Lombardo Blames Himself For 'True Detective' Season 2

    7:53 am 1/7/2016

    "Well, you know what? I set him up. To deliver, in a very short time frame, something that became very challenging to deliver," the HBO programming president said of 'True Detective' scribe Nic Pizzolatto.Read more

  4. 'True Detective' Needs to Shake Up Its Formula for Season 3

    11:14 am 8/10/2015

    If HBO and creator Nic Pizzolatto want to do another season, a different playbook would help.Read more

  5. If These Are the 'True Detective' Killers, How Does Season 2 End?

    12:00 pm 8/8/2015

    The Internet has likely caught Ben Caspere's murderer, but there should be more to the finale.Read more

  6. 'True Detective' Can Only Be Judged in the Way It's Presented

    12:00 pm 8/1/2015

    HBO implores critics to reserve judgment till the end of the season, but that's no good for either side.Read more

  7. Tim Goodman: When You Opt for the Orgy, You're Out of Ideas (Or Why 'True Detective' Is Beyond Redemption)

    1:25 pm 7/27/2015

    The much-discussed orgy scene in the latest episode of 'True Detective' was unsexy, unconvincing and symptomatic of the whole season's heavy-handed, wrong-headed, desperate approach to storytelling. Read more

  8. 'True Detective' Episode 4: Ani's Roots and Paul's Past Hint at Deeper Connections

    11:27 am 7/13/2015

    Lost amid the hoopla over the big shootout are several potentially important developments.Read more

  9. 'True Detective' Discussion: Could Seasons 1 and 2 Be Connected?

    11:30 am 7/11/2015

    A tantalizing, if far-fetched, theory suggests they might be.Read more

  10. Taylor Kitsch's 'True Detective' Character Is About to "Fall Apart"

    12:02 pm 7/6/2015

    The actor says upcoming episodes will reveal much more about why Paul "is the way he is."Read more

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