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Nik Wallenda

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  1. Nik Wallenda's Chicago Tightrope Walk Fetches 6.7 Million Viewers

    9:53 am 11/3/2014

    The stunt hits a 2014 high for Discovery but does not match last year's Grand Canyon walkRead more

  2. Nik Wallenda Eyes Next TV Stunt: Headstands Atop a Georgia Tightrope

    6:54 am 11/3/2014

    "It was taped live for the BBC, and I want to walk the wire with my grandfather"Read more

  3. Discovery's Nik Wallenda to Walk Chicago Tightrope Blindfolded

    5:58 am 10/3/2014

    "I'm incredibly excited to show the world what you can do if you put your mind to it, pursue your dreams and never give up"Read more

  4. Desperate for the Next 'Duck Dynasty': Explaining Reality's Growing Pains

    5:00 am 6/26/2014

    Cable TV's biggest genre has not produced a new top 10 hit in two years as networks and copycat programming abound.Read more

  5. History Readies First Live Stunt: Magic (Exclusive)

    6:00 am 4/30/2014

    Deadly escape artist Robert Gallup will attempt to free himself from a multilayered trap involving straitjackets, handcuffs and shackles at the bottom of a rock quarry lined with explosives for History's "Houdini Live."Read more

  6. Nik Wallenda on His Daredevil Stunts and Breaking TV Records

    9:00 am 4/3/2014

    The fourth generation tightrope walker sits down with THR to discuss his famous walks over Niagara Falls and the Grand Canyon, and shares what he thinks about people who watch his stunts in hopes of seeing him fall.Read more

  7. Death-Defying Ratings: How Daredevils Are Making a Big TV Comeback

    9:00 am 4/3/2014

    The pursuit for live television is getting more dangerous -- but after 13 million tuned in to see tightrope walker Nik Wallenda saunter over the Grand Canyon, advertisers are willing to take the risk.Read more

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