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  1. Savannah Guthrie, Jake Tapper, George Stephanopoulos, Bret Baier and Gayle King Join THR's First TV Anchor Roundtable

    5:00 am 4/14/2017

    Savannah Guthrie ('The Today Show,' NBC), Jake Tapper ('The Lead,' CNN), George Stephanopoulos ('Good Morning America,' ABC), Bret Baier ('Special Report,' Fox News) and Gayle King ('CBS This Morning,' CBS) joined in discussion for the Anchor Roundtable debut.Read more

  2. Savannah Guthrie, Jake Tapper, Gayle King and More Weigh In on Election Mistakes

    6:00 am 4/12/2017

    What would TV's top anchors — Guthrie, Tapper, King, Bret Baier and George Stephanopoulos — have done differently during election 2016? Read more

  3. Bret Baier: "Trust, Credibility" Are the Biggest Issues Facing Journalism Today | Anchor Roundtable

    5:00 am 4/12/2017

    "There's a lot of challenge because there's so much online that are bombarding people everyday."Read more

  4. Savannah Guthrie: "It's Not Biased" to Point Out Facts | Anchor Roundtable

    5:00 am 4/12/2017

    "It doesn't mean the journalists who points out the facts are biased," said Guthrie.Read more

  5. Jake Tapper: "We All Know Members of The House and Senate Who are Just Crazy" | Anchor Roundtable

    5:00 am 4/12/2017

    "Especially The House," said the CNN anchor.Read more

  6. Bret Baier Argues Viewers Want to Hear About Jobs, Healthcare, Not "Process Washington" | Anchor Roundtable

    5:00 am 4/12/2017

    "People at home look at it and say, 'why are you focusing on this?'"Read more

  7. Bret Baier on 2016 Election: "We All Missed the Whole Thing, Collectively" | Anchor Roundtable

    5:00 am 4/12/2017

    "We just didn't see the push back. We didn't see all the people who said, 'neither side is working, kick the table over and start over.'"Read more

  8. Frank Zappa Was Gayle King's Worst Interview Ever | Anchor Roundtable

    5:00 am 4/12/2017

    "Frank Zappa, may you rest in peace, I would never speak ill of the dead," said King.Read more

  9. Savannah Guthrie Shares Khloe Kardashian Interview Mishap: "She Was So Gracious" | Anchor Roundtable

    5:00 am 4/12/2017

    "There had been some rumor that Robert Kardashian maybe wasn't Khloe's father - I saved it till the very end."Read more

  10. "O.J. Simpson, If He Would Tell the Truth" is Gayle King's Dream Interview | Anchor Roundtable

    5:00 am 4/12/2017

    James Comey and the Pope also made the list.Read more

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