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Comedy Actor Roundtable

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  1. Don Cheadle: "Making People Laugh and You Laughing Yourself is the Best Feeling You Can Get"

    9:50 am 6/17/2015

    "My mom because she would say anything. You really can really just say anything, and if it's in the right spirit, it's really bonding."Read more

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  2. Jordan Peele: "We Have This Wonderful Thing Called The Race Card"

    9:50 am 6/17/2015

    "Any time you get a note you don't like you go, 'it's a black thing,' and that's the end of the conversation."Read more

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  3. Fred Armisen on Portlandia Inspiration: "It's Never Ending...So Far!"

    9:50 am 6/17/2015

    "['Portlandia' is] mostly for us and for our fans, so when we've done a season of a type of sketch, we just think, 'let's change it up this year.'" Read more

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  4. Will Forte on 'SNL' Sketches: "You Go In Knowing There's a Chance of Total Failure"

    9:50 am 6/17/2015

    "You do something called 'Fart Face,' you're not expecting it's going to win any artistic awards."Read more

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  5. Ricky Gervais on Humor: "There's Nothing Funnier Than Real Life"

    4:43 pm 6/16/2015

    "It's my favorite thing, making the ordinary extraordinary. I think that resonates more, and then the funny is sort of easy."Read more

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  6. Andy Samberg: I Was Bleeding After 'SNL' Nicolas Cage Sketch

    8:00 pm 6/21/2014

    The actor says diving through a window had painful consequences: "Blood is pouring out of my eyebrow. Oh, f—. And I was in the next sketch."Read more

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  7. Tony Hale on 'Arrested Development': 'It Didn't Satisfy Me' Like I Expected (Video)

    5:00 pm 6/21/2014

    The actor says though he enjoyed his early days on the cult comedy, he had trouble staying in the moment.Read more

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  8. Matt LeBlanc Reveals That Damian Lewis Auditioned for 'Episodes'

    3:49 pm 6/20/2014

    LeBlanc says Lewis knew immediately he wasn't right for the part when he read for the timid role of Sean: "It sounded like two guys about to go out and get into a bar fight." Read more

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  9. Matt LeBlanc on Life after 'Friends' and Taking a Six Year Hiatus

    3:22 pm 6/18/2014

    From our comedy actors roundtable, Andy Samberg questions Matt LeBlanc on how he handled the transition from 'Friends' to the spinoff 'Joey.' The actor also shares how he took six years off before taking on the role of Nick Jericho in 'Web Therapy.'Read more

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