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Comedy Showrunner Roundtable

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  1. Comedy Showrunner Roundtable: Judd Apatow, David Mandel on Worst Pitches and Why Trump Should Get Credit on 'Veep'

    6:10 am 6/8/2017

    Six top TV bosses — including Kenya Barris, Gloria Calderon Kellett, Phoebe Waller-Bridge and Scott Silveri — also open up about the horrors of network casting, the pressure to get political and the pitfalls of borrowing from one's own life.Read more

  2. David Mandel on Which Trump Moment is Most Suitable for 'Veep': "Civil War, Andrew Jackson, or Telling CBS Reporter 'I'm Done'" | Comedy Showrunner Roundtable

    5:00 am 6/8/2017

    "He's sort of a season behind us," joked Mandel of the President. The leed character on 'Veep' played by Juilia Louis-Dreyfus was President for only one year.Read more

  3. Gloria Calderon Kellett on 'One Day at a Time' "Coming Out" Episode: "Ultimately We Were Happy With How it Turned Out" | Comedy Showrunner Roundtable

    5:00 am 6/8/2017

    The showrunner said they relied heavily on lesbian writers Michelle Badillo and Becky Mann to "tell us the experience."Read more

  4. Judd Apatow Talks End of 'Girls': "Episode 9 Would Be the Last Episode, Then a Little Taste of the Future" | Comedy Showrunner Roundtable

    5:00 am 6/8/2017

    Apatow, Jenni Konner and Lena Dunham wanted to show the main character on 'Girls' grow out of her selfishness by becoming a mother.Read more

  5. Kenya Barris: "I Took the "Pigeonholing and Embraced It — I am 'The Black Guy'" | 'Black-ish' | Comedy Showrunner

    5:00 am 6/8/2017

    "I wanted to be the black Judd Apatow," Barris told THR.Read more

  6. Scott Silveri: "They Tell You to Write What You Know, They Don't Say it Will Kill You" | 'Speechless' | Comedy Showrunner Roundtable

    5:00 am 6/8/2017

    "What in this script is going to piss off my uncle at Thanksgiving?" Silveri joked about writing deeply personal narratives.Read more

  7. Phoebe Waller-Bridge's 'Fleabag' is Surprisingly Not Autobiographical | Comedy Showrunner Roundtable

    5:00 am 6/8/2017

    "With female writers who write honestly about women and their experiences, it's, "Oh, that's a feminist show.""Read more

  8. Judd Apatow, Kenya Barris on TV Family They Identified With Growing Up | Comedy Showrunner Roundtable

    5:00 am 5/16/2017

    "I wanted to be a Cosby," said Kenya Barris.Read more

  9. Watch THR’s Full Comedy Showrunner Roundtable with Marta Kaufman, Kenya Barris, Nahnatchka Khan, David Mandel, Aline Brosh McKenna and Alan Yang

    6:00 am 8/1/2016

    THR's Comedy Showrunner Roundtable brings together Kenya Barris, Marta Kauffman, Nahnatchka Khan, David Mandel, Aline Brosh McKenna and Alan Yang; THR Roundtables air every Sunday on SundanceTV.Read more

  10. Alan Yang Says He and Aziz Ansari "Didn't Expect" Reaction to 'Master of None'

    5:00 am 7/13/2016

    "We just wanted to make a show that was about us — it wasn't a political move, it wasn't a statement."Read more

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