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  1. 'The Ultimate Fighter's' Craig Piligian: "It Is the Most Violent Show on TV"

    11:30 am 6/23/2015

    "I go to every fight. I go to every single fight on 'Ultimate Fighter.' It's a serious business. It's an absolute serious business."Read more

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  2. Mark Burnett on Producing 'Survivor': "We Always Treat It Like ... a Military Operation"

    9:30 am 6/23/2015

    "Things do slip through the cracks. The question is: Are you all a bunch of grown-ups who can deal with legality or morality and merge the two and make a very quick decision?"Read more

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  3. Mark Burnett, Julie Chen, Nigel Lythgoe and Reality A-List on Racist Contestants, Caitlyn Jenner and the Wrath of Leslie Moonves

    10:00 am 6/22/2015

    In THR's roundtable, six top reality TV talents — also including Cat Deeley, Bertram van Munster and Craig Piligian — open up about how they've coped with national tragedies during filming, the craziest moments that didn't make it to air, the Duggar family controversy and their unpredictable contestants: "You have to sit back and let these things happen. They are often their own worst enemies," says Chen.Read more

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  4. 'The Amazing Race' is "Instrumental" in "Bringing People Together Around the World": Bertram van Munster

    9:50 am 6/22/2015

    "I think that 'The Amazing Race' is almost like a business card around the world to show that we are actually nice people, and we're good people."Read more

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  5. Julie Chen on 'Big Brother': "Overt Racism in the House" is "Hardest for Me to Watch"

    9:50 am 6/22/2015

    "I remember thinking in that moment, 'forget 'Big Brother,' that silly little reality show. This is real life. This is life or death. .' And so many members of the military were like, 'can we talk to you about Big Brother?' In that moment, I thought, 'who's to judge?'"Read more

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  6. Mark Burnett on Producing 'Survivor': "We Always Treat it Like an Army, a Military Operation"

    9:50 am 6/22/2015

    "Things do slip through the cracks. The question is are you all a bunch of grown-ups who can deal with legality or morality and merge the two and make a very quick decision."Read more

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  7. 'So You Think You Can Dance's' Nigel Lythgoe: Fathers Now Accept Sons Wanting to Be Dancers

    9:50 am 6/22/2015

    "I'm really proud that at a time when the arts are being so dismissed in education, that So You Think You Can Dance has been around for ten years."Read more

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  8. 'Duck Dynasty' Producer on Phil Robertson's Anti-Gay Comments: I Wanted to Speak Up (Video)

    8:30 am 6/10/2014

    "I know Phil Robertson. I know his beliefs," Deirdre Gurney, executive producer of A&E's breakout hit, said during The Hollywood Reporter Reality Roundtable. "I know how he treats a crew that has several gay people on it.”Read more

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  9. Reality Roundtable: Watch The Full, Uncensored Interview

    9:00 am 6/9/2014

    Jonathan Murray (The Real World), Carson Daly (The Voice), Brent Montgomery (Pawn Stars), Jeff Probst (Survivor), Deirdre Gurney (Duck Dynasty) and Tim Gunn (Project Runway) are our roundtable guests. Read more

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