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Director Roundtable

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  1. THR's Oscar Roundtable Season in 3 Minutes (Video)

    4:07 pm 1/10/2013

    They came, they talked, they conquered: This highlight reel showcases snippets of the season's top talent as 24 of THR's roundtable participants walked away with at least one nomination Thursday morning from the Academy.Read more

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  2. THR's Director Roundtable: Quentin Tarantino on Fearing He'll 'F-Up' His Own Scripts (Video)

    9:00 am 11/28/2012

    "When I’m writing, it’s about the page. It’s not about the movie," the "Django Unchained" director said.Read more

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  3. THR's Director Roundtable: Ben Affleck on Brother Casey Affleck's Unorthodox Methods: 'He's a Great Actor' (Video)

    9:00 am 11/28/2012

    Recalling the "Gone Baby Gone" shoot, the "Argo" helmer says his brother walked into the wrong room during a shot because that's where his instincts took him.Read more

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  4. THR's Director Roundtable: Quentin Tarantino, Ben Affleck Reveal Strangest Fan Letters (Video)

    9:00 am 11/28/2012

    Ang Lee spoke about who wants him to direct "Fifty Shades of Grey" and David O. Russell dished on a pitch for a bipolar superhero film.Read more

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  5. THR's Director Roundtable: Quentin Tarantino Says Digital Projection Is Driving Him Toward Retirement: 'It's Over' (Video)

    9:00 am 11/28/2012

    The auteur behind "Kill Bill" and the upcoming "Django Unchained" says digital technology is pushing him away from film and toward other media.Read more

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  6. Director Roundtable: 6 Auteurs on Tantrums, Crazy Actors and Quitting While They're Ahead

    9:00 am 11/28/2012

    Ben Affleck shares a traumatic on-set memory, David O. Russell reveals which film he made with his "head up his ass" and Quentin Tarantino on when he'll call it quits: "I don't intend to be a director deep into my old age."Read more

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  7. The Director Roundtable

    7:00 am 11/27/2012

    Why Tarantino wants to quit before he's old, when Affleck knew it was time to fire an actor and what execs really say about auteurs behind closed doors, as the season's hot filmmakers reveal all.Read more

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  8. Berlin Film Festival 2012 Directors Roundtable

    2:40 am 2/16/2012

    Zhang Yimou’s greatest fears on set, Kevin Macdonald on being too lazy to be a commercial filmmaker and why Billy Bob Thornton always wanted to be a history teacher.Read more

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  9. THR's Directors Roundtable: How to Fire People, Who to Steal From, and Amy Pascal's Secret Advice

    12:54 pm 11/16/2011

    Six auteurs reveal personal war stories and what makes a great movie in the second of THR's annual awards season series discussions. Read more

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  10. The Directors Roundtable

    6:00 am 11/15/2011

    How to fire people, who to steal from, if film school matters, and Amy Pascal's secret phone call: 6 auteurs reveal personal war stories and what makes a great movie.Read more

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