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  1. SundanceTV Reveals Premiere Dates for New Series 'Close Up With The Hollywood Reporter'

    10:44 am 7/1/2015

    The show — featuring interviews with leading Emmy contenders including Amy Schumer, Taraji P. Henson, Viola Davis, Lena Dunham and Ricky Gervais — will air every Sunday starting Aug. 2 leading up to the Primetime Emmy Awards.Read more

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  2. Cat Deeley on 'So You Think You Can Dance': "It Can Change People's Lives"

    11:30 am 6/25/2015

    The host of the Fox series praises reality TV for offering "people an opportunity to springboard to something else, no matter what you do."Read more

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  3. 'So You Think You Can Dance's' Nigel Lythgoe: "We've Got a Lot of American Fathers Now Accepting the Fact That Their Sons Want to Be Dancers"

    9:30 am 6/25/2015

    "I'm really proud that, at a time when the arts are being so dismissed in education, that 'So You Think You Can Dance' has been around for 10 years."Read more

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  4. Bertram van Munster on 'The Amazing Race': "Instrumental in Bringing People Together Around the World"

    11:30 am 6/24/2015

    "I think that 'The Amazing Race' is almost like a business card around the world to show that we are actually nice people, and we're good people."Read more

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  5. Julie Chen on 'Big Brother': "Overt Racism in the House" Is "Hardest for Me to Watch"

    9:30 am 6/24/2015

    "We can't really manage the house guests, because you can't dilute or infect the game."Read more

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  6. 'The Ultimate Fighter's' Craig Piligian: "It Is the Most Violent Show on TV"

    11:30 am 6/23/2015

    "I go to every fight. I go to every single fight on 'Ultimate Fighter.' It's a serious business. It's an absolute serious business."Read more

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  7. Mark Burnett on Producing 'Survivor': "We Always Treat It Like ... a Military Operation"

    9:30 am 6/23/2015

    "Things do slip through the cracks. The question is: Are you all a bunch of grown-ups who can deal with legality or morality and merge the two and make a very quick decision?"Read more

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  8. Jay Duplass on 'Togetherness' Characters: "Everything Is Something From Our Lives"

    1:00 pm 6/22/2015

    "My brother [Mark Duplass] and I have always been trying to get to a truthfulness and a simplicity about our storytelling that is really analogous to life — how things happen in real life."Read more

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  9. Mark Burnett, Julie Chen, Nigel Lythgoe and Reality A-List on Racist Contestants, Caitlyn Jenner and the Wrath of Leslie Moonves

    10:00 am 6/22/2015

    In THR's roundtable, six top reality TV talents — also including Cat Deeley, Bertram van Munster and Craig Piligian — open up about how they've coped with national tragedies during filming, the craziest moments that didn't make it to air, the Duggar family controversy and their unpredictable contestants: "You have to sit back and let these things happen. They are often their own worst enemies," says Chen.Read more

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  10. 'Kimmy Schmidt's' Robert Carlock: "Interviews You Have With Writers Are … To Make Sure They're Not Crazy"

    10:00 am 6/22/2015

    "It is kind of amazing how people can blow it, and reveal that they're crazy."Read more

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