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  1. 'Hidden Figures' Screenwriter Allison Schroeder: "I Grew Up Playing on the Mercury Capsule Prototypes" | Writer Oscar Roundtable

    5:00 am 12/17/2016

    "There’s a sense of comradeship [at NASA] that I’ve never seen anywhere else. You walk in, and every single person feels like they're a part of that launch. We really tried to put that in the film."Read more

  2. Watch One of THR's Roundtables in Virtual Reality

    3:22 pm 12/16/2016

    A guide to get the most out of the VR experience.Read more

  3. Tom Ford Referenced 'Wizard of Oz' in Both of His Films | Writer Oscar Roundtable

    5:00 am 12/16/2016

    "The Amy Adams character [in 'Nocturnal Animals'] is quite literally me."Read more

  4. Seth Rogen on His Experience Writing and Directing 'Sausage Party' I Animation Oscar Roundtable

    12:24 pm 12/15/2016

    Seth Rogen discusses the reactions he got when writing and developing 'Sausage Party' and how his acting any voiceover experience helped to make it a success. Read more

  5. Seth Rogen on Alan Menken Doing the Score for 'Sausage Party' I Animation Oscar Roundtable

    12:05 pm 12/15/2016

    Seth Rogan talks about how they got the legendary, Alan Menken to do the score for 'Sausage Party.'Read more

  6. Seth Rogen: "It Came From the Animated Movies We Grew Up Watching" I Animation Oscar Roundtable

    12:02 pm 12/15/2016

    Seth Rogen on how 'Sausage Party' came together. Read more

  7. Seth Rogen on 'Sausage Party' Being Directly About Racial Stereotypes I Animation Oscar Roundtable

    12:01 pm 12/15/2016

    Seth Rogen speaks about how 'Sausage Party' and it's characters were derived out of racial stereotypes. Read more

  8. John Musker on Going to Tahiti to be Authentic to the Culture in 'Moana' I Animation Oscar Roundtable

    11:59 am 12/15/2016

    John Musker discusses his trip to Tahiti to deep dive on the culture and get to know the locals to be true and authentic to the culture in his film 'Moana.'Read more

  9. Writer Roundtable: Tom Ford, Pedro Almodovar and 4 More on a Trump Movie, Dream Projects and When to Kill a Scene

    6:30 am 12/15/2016

    Six scribes — also including Kenneth Lonergan, Noah Oppenheim, Allison Schroeder and Taylor Sheridan — discuss the death of satire, bringing autobiography into screenplays and how they would write a film about the president-elect: "Let's hope for all our sakes it is not the tragedy that so many people fear."Read more

  10. "I'm Allergic to Exposition" Says 'Hell or High Water' Screenwriter Taylor Sheridan | Writer Oscar Roundtable

    5:00 am 12/15/2016

    Sheridan calls 'Hell or High Water' a "very personal exploration of my own experiences and of a way of life."Read more

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