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  1. Drama Actors: Working with Networks and Showrunners

    1:55 pm 6/12/2012

    Jon Hamm reveals how much Mad Men Emmy showrunner Matthew Weiner tells him before each season, and Breaking Bad's Bryan Cranston, Touch's Kiefer Sutherland and Peter Krause of Parenthood all talk about how their stories change prior to -- and during -- shooting.Read more

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  2. Drama Actors: What Was Your Most Frightening Moment?

    1:53 pm 6/12/2012

    From 'Mad Men's' Jon Hamm bringing up his early years of living in Los Angeles for decade as an unemployed actor, to Kiefer Sutherland and Bryan Cranston forgetting their lines during a play. 'Parenthood' star Peter Krause and Kelsey Grammer both reveal they had gastric issues while doing theater. Read more

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  3. Comedy Showrunners: Full Uncensored Interview

    5:25 pm 6/8/2012

    Full uncensored interview with Carter Bays 'How I Met Your Mother', Bill Prady 'The Big Bang Theory', Liz Meriwether 'New Girl', Paul Lieberstein 'The Office', Steve Levitan 'Modern Family', and Emily Spivey 'Up All Night'.Read more

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  4. How do you Deal with Stress?: Comedy Showrunners Roundtable

    4:59 pm 6/8/2012

    From drinking during the day to prescription drugs to riding a bike around the lot, our showrunners each let us know how they handle stress. 'Up All Night' showrunner Emily Spivey said, "I do always try to exercise and sleep."Read more

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  5. Writing a Show with a Co-Showrunner: Comedy Showrunner Roundtable

    4:09 pm 6/8/2012

    Emmy nominated Bill Prady of 'The Big Bang Theory' reveals what is like working with his co-writers on the hit CBS show. "When you have somebody that shares the responsibility to run the show and at Big Bang I share that responsibility with Steve Molaro and Chuck Lorre. In a dispute, you can back off and get something better. The two things that happen in the writers room are laughter and passionate arguing", added Bill. Read more

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  6. Relating to their Characters: Comedy Showrunners Roundtable

    3:39 pm 6/8/2012

    From the Laugh Factory in Los Angeles we assemble the top comedy showrunners working in television for a candid conversation. 'New Girls'' Liz Meriwether shares what it is like writing for Zooey Deschanel's character Jess and how she has let the character grow. Carter Bays of 'How I Met Your Mother' and Steve Levitan also reveal how they relate to a couple of their main characters.Read more

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  7. Drama Showrunners: Post Career Plans

    3:14 pm 6/3/2012

    From hiking the Pacific Coast Trail to going to grad school we find out what our roundtable guests want to accomplish after they finish writing for television.Read more

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  8. Drama Showrunners: Glen Mazzara on Replacing Frank Darabont

    3:03 pm 6/3/2012

    Showrunner Glen Mazzara shares what it was like working with Frank Darabont and then replacing him on 'The Walking Dead'.Read more

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