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  1. Don Cheadle: "Making People Laugh and You Laughing Yourself is the Best Feeling You Can Get"

    9:50 am 6/17/2015

    "My mom because she would say anything. You really can really just say anything, and if it's in the right spirit, it's really bonding."Read more

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  2. Jordan Peele: "We Have This Wonderful Thing Called The Race Card"

    9:50 am 6/17/2015

    "Any time you get a note you don't like you go, 'it's a black thing,' and that's the end of the conversation."Read more

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  3. Fred Armisen on Portlandia Inspiration: "It's Never Ending...So Far!"

    9:50 am 6/17/2015

    "['Portlandia' is] mostly for us and for our fans, so when we've done a season of a type of sketch, we just think, 'let's change it up this year.'" Read more

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  4. Will Forte on 'SNL' Sketches: "You Go In Knowing There's a Chance of Total Failure"

    9:50 am 6/17/2015

    "You do something called 'Fart Face,' you're not expecting it's going to win any artistic awards."Read more

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  5. Ricky Gervais on Humor: "There's Nothing Funnier Than Real Life"

    4:43 pm 6/16/2015

    "It's my favorite thing, making the ordinary extraordinary. I think that resonates more, and then the funny is sort of easy."Read more

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  6. 'Masters of Sex's Lizzy Caplan on Nudity: "It's as Close [to Comfortable] As It's Going to Get"

    1:00 pm 6/15/2015

    "I believe that the best dramas have moments of comedy and levity and the best comedies have moments of real depth, and emotional depth."Read more

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  7. 'The Honorable Woman's Maggie Gyllenhaal on Sex: "I Really Wanted the Sex to be Like ... Animal"

    10:00 am 6/15/2015

    "[I want to see] what a woman my age looks like. I am much more turned on when I see shows where people's bodies look like bodies I recognize."Read more

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  8. 'House of Cards' Creator Beau Willimon: "I Have No Idea How Many People Have Watched the Show on Netflix."

    12:00 pm 6/14/2015

    "We are investing in people's creativity. If we do that, that will lead to a good product."Read more

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  9. 'Homeland' Creator Alex Gansa on Criticism: "The Immediacy of People's Opinions Is Crazy"

    9:00 am 6/14/2015

    "I'm either going to fail or succeed on my own terms."Read more

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