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  1. 'Masters of Sex's Lizzy Caplan on Nudity: "It's as Close [to Comfortable] As It's Going to Get"

    5:20 pm 6/9/2015

    "I believe that the best dramas have moments of comedy and levity and the best comedies have moments of real depth, and emotional depth."Read more

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  2. 'The Honorable Woman's Maggie Gyllenhaal on Sex: "I Really Wanted the Sex to be like...Animal"

    4:57 pm 6/9/2015

    "[I want to see] what a woman my age looks like, and how is that hot. I am much more turned on when I see shows where people's bodies look like bodies I recognize."Read more

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  3. Taraji P. Henson on 'Empire' Role: "Cookie Scared the Hell Out of Me"

    4:36 pm 6/9/2015

    "If we do it well, if we handle it well, then it's going to force people to have conversations that they are afraid to have, and that's what art is supposed to do."Read more

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  4. Ruth Wilson on 'The Affair' Role: "I Wanted to Challenge the Stigma of Affairs"

    4:12 pm 6/9/2015

    "I think those controversial characters are the most interesting. You find humanity within that. That's your job as an actor, is to be empathetic to who this character is, and why they do these things."Read more

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  5. Viola Davis on 'Murder' Role: "A Real Woman on TV in the Middle of This Pop Fiction"

    3:34 pm 6/9/2015

    "I want the work to reflect my level of gifts and talent. I don't want it to reflect my color or my sex or my age. That's what I want."Read more

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  6. 'The Knick' Star Clive Owen Reveals How One Phone Call Changed His Mind About Doing a TV Series

    12:00 pm 6/9/2015

    "It was such a wild, original piece of material and a character that I didn't feel was particularly close to me, that I felt absolutely fine about it."Read more

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  7. Timothy Hutton Recalls Getting Ignored by Robert Redford on 'Ordinary People': I Felt "Very Isolated"

    10:00 am 6/9/2015

    The actor credits Redford's method with helping him to win an Oscar. Of his new show, 'American Crime,' he says creator John Ridley keeps him and the cast in the dark about what's ahead for their characters: It was "challenging at first, but then became kind of interesting."Read more

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  8. TV Stars' First Hollywood Crushes Revealed: Michael J. Fox, Halle Berry and 'Wonder Years' Stars

    9:30 am 6/9/2015

    Fred Savage and Danica McKellar were mentioned as the first crushes these supporting TV actors had on Hollywood stars. Matt Dillon and Cindy Crawford also made the list.Read more

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  9. Justin Theroux on Past Career Mistakes: One Show Made Me Want to "Hang Myself"

    1:00 pm 6/8/2015

    "I've rued many days on set where I've been like, 'Why did I say yes to this?' I made a lot of mistakes as a younger actor, signing up for plays I'm stuck doing for six months. I've been in many sad situations."Read more

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