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  1. Amy Adams: 'Arrival' "Is a Mom Telling the Story of Her Life" | Actress Oscar Roundtable

    5:00 am 11/21/2016

    "How we relate to one another, that was the theme in the film that kind of surprised me."Read more

  2. Natalie Portman: Jackie Kennedy Was "Encyclopedic in Her Knowledge of What Was Going On" | Actress Oscar Roundtable

    5:00 am 11/21/2016

    "She knew every single name and party affiliation and lobbying position of every person that ever walked into [John F. Kennedy's] office."Read more

  3. Annette Bening: "I Have Fear All the Time With the Work That I Do" | Actress Oscar Roundtable

    5:00 am 11/21/2016

    "The best time is when you just get the job, because you don't have to do it yet, you can just think about it."Read more

  4. Emma Stone: "Comedy Saved Me as a Kid" | Actress Oscar Roundtable

    5:00 am 11/21/2016

    "[Comedy] opened up the world to me," said Stone of her favorite performances from comedic greats John Candy and Steve Martin.Read more

  5. Taraji P. Henson on Playing Real-Life Character: "You Want to Get it Right" | Actress Oscar Roundtable

    5:00 am 11/21/2016

    "That's all I cared about. This is her story. We're riding on her shoulders right now, and I owe her the truth and all of me."Read more

  6. Tori Amos: "I Had Lost the Muses — I Stopped Listening" | Songwriter Oscar Roundtable

    5:00 am 11/19/2016

    "I started listening to the boys' club that was running the industry at the time," said Tori Amos of when her debut album, 'Little Earthquakes,' originally was rejected by her label.Read more

  7. Sting: "We Are, by Accident, Creating the Soundtrack for People's Emotional Life" | Songwriter Oscar Roundtable

    5:00 am 11/19/2016

    "That's a huge privilege. We did it by accident. None of us set out to do that, we were there for the glory and the spotlight."Read more

  8. Composer Roundtable: 6 Contenders on Film Music's Lack of Women, Working All-Nighters and How They'd Score the Election

    6:30 am 11/18/2016

    Lesley Barber ('Manchester by the Sea'), Nicholas Britell ('Moonlight'), John Debney ('The Jungle Book), Hauschka ('Lion'), Justin Hurwitz ('La La Land') and Hans Zimmer ('Hidden Figures') sat down for a discussion about their work process, the music that inspires them and why they never see their families (even working out of studios in their own homes!).Read more

  9. Hans Zimmer, Lesley Barber and More on Their Earliest Musical Memories | Composer Oscar Roundtable

    6:00 am 11/18/2016

    Nicholas Britell, John Debney, Hauschka and Justin Hurwitz also reveal what they consider to be the soundtrack to their lives in THR's annual roundtable discussion.Read more

  10. Pharrell: "Like a Hashtag, Just Like a Hit — We Have Nothing to Do With That, We Just Ideate" | Songwriter Oscar Roundtable

    5:00 am 11/18/2016

    "People who say, 'This is going to be a hit,' are just as unsuccessful as those who create hashtags. 'Let's do a hashtag call for action!' It never works."Read more

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