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  1. Kate McKinnon on Playing Hillary Clinton: "I Feel Immense Pressure"

    8:50 am 5/27/2015

    “I wanted to play on the inherent contrast between a woman who is so driven and so hardened by her experiences and needs this,” says McKinnon, “and also a little sweety granny from the Midwest, just the juxtaposition of those two things.”Read more

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  2. Ellie Kemper on Kimmy Schmidt Character: "She is Very Girlishly Powerful"

    8:50 am 5/27/2015

    "I think that [Kimmy] came from this horrible, unspeakable experience, and she is tough like a young girl might be tough. She is all pinks and candy and yellows but still very powerful."Read more

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  3. Amy Schumer on the Power of Self-Deprecation: “It’s Definitely Very Important to Me"

    8:50 am 5/27/2015

    “It’s like, people are so angry and love to, like, burn somebody at the stake. So I’ll just burn myself.”Read more

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  4. Gina Rodriguez: "I'm a Brown Girl. I Have to Cross All the Lines Just to Be Known."

    8:50 am 5/27/2015

    "I'm a brown girl," said the Latina actress. "I have to cross all the lines just to be known."Read more

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  5. Behind the Scenes: TV Drama Creators Roundtable

    8:50 am 5/11/2015

    Behind the scenes at the TV drama creators roundtable shoot for The Hollywood Reporter.Read more

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  6. Full Uncensored Documentary Roundtable

    3:35 pm 1/3/2015

    Documentary A-list on Robert Ebert's final days, secret Edward Snowden meetingsRead more

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  7. Documentary Roundtable: Roger Ebert's Final Days, Secret Edward Snowden Meetings

    5:43 pm 1/2/2015

    The directors of 'Citizenfour,' 'Life Itself,' 'Last Days in Vietnam,' 'Virunga,' 'The Case Against 8,' 'Tales of the Grim Sleeper' and 'Keep On Keepin' On' reveal why their very dramatic films have attracted the support of Quincy  Jones, Leonardo DiCaprio and Steven SoderberghRead more

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  8. Watch THR's Actor and Actress Roundtables Today on A&E

    8:45 am 12/28/2014

    Reese Witherspoon, Julianne Moore, Benedict Cumberbatch and Michael Keaton are among those taking part in candid discussions about everything from Hollywood's female problem to the nude photo hack to stage poopRead more

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  9. Trent Reznor, Danny Elfman and Top Composers Reveal Insecurities, Power of Procrastination and the Real Story Behind 'Interstellar's' Controversial Sound Mix

    9:00 am 12/23/2014

    Five sleep-deprived film music maestros — including Marco Beltrami, John Powell and Hans Zimmer — open up about their biggest challenges, what happens when a director doesn't like their work and where they get their inspirationRead more

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