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  1. CNN's 'old-fashioned' new plan

    3:52 pm 8/12/2008

    Despite the tough times for the news business, CNN is shifting resources to dramatically increase its U.S. newsgathering efforts by stationing reporters in 10 smaller cities including Seattle and Columbus, Ohio.Read more

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  2. Transcript: If NBC Universal produced the opening ceremony instead of China...

    2:09 pm 8/12/2008

    <p><img border="0" src="/images/livefeed/2008/08/12/hulk_zach.jpg" title="Hulk_zach" alt="Hulk_zach" style="margin: 0px 5px 5px 0px; float: left;" />Commentator Hulk Hogan: We're here live at the opening ceremony for the Olympic Games, brother! I'm so excited to be here at the Inglewood Forum.</p><p>Commentator Zachary Levi: And we want to thank China and all those other countries for being so understanding and flying their athletes out to California to join us.</p><p>Hogan: Look, the ceremony has started -- fireworks! Tons of fireworks!</p><p> Levi: Well, not real fireworks, but what we like to call &quot;<a href="http://www.thrfeed.com/2008/08/nbc-fake-olympi.html">a cinematic device</a>&quot; of what fireworks might look like if NBC had paid for fireworks. I believe this footage was taken from the &quot;Friends&quot; episode titled &quot;The One Where Ross Stays Home on Fourth of July.&quot;</p><p>Hogan: It's recycling, brother! Green is Universal.</p><p>Levi: And now, to lead us in our national anthem, the lovely Tricia Helfer.</p><p>Hogan: You can see Tricia on Sci Fi Channel's &quot;Battlestar Galactica.&quot; Tricia plays a cylon on that show, but there's nothing robotic about her voice.</p><p>Levi: Well, except that's not really Tricia singing. It's a cinematic device of what her singing would be like if she had a great voice.</p><p>Hogan: Wait! Here come the performers. Wow. Big applause! Just a spectacular display of aerial acrobatics to kick off the show. Ya gotta give giant props to Reveille for bringing this all together.</p><p>Levi: Definitively. And you can tell the crowd is really having fun by the way they're waving those glow-in-the-dark Dwight Schrute bobbleheads.</p><p>[Gasps, screams]</p><p>Levi: Oh no! One of the performers fell!</p>Read more

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  3. Nick toons set for YTV Sundays

    1:33 pm 8/12/2008

    Nickelodeon may be denied access to the Canadian airwaves, but the U.S. channel will receive its own Sunday morning block of programming on YTV, Canada's cable kids channel, beginning in September.Read more

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  4. Weekly ratings: NBC takes the gold

    12:47 pm 8/12/2008

    <p>With its Olympics coverage annihilating repeat-laden competitors, NBC jumped into first place in the Nielsen ratings last week. </p><p>Friday’s opening ceremony (34.9 million viewers, 10.3 rating among adults 18 to 49 and a 32 share)&nbsp; was the network’s most-watched night of programming since the finale of "Friends" in 2004. </p><p>Although the opening performance made the biggest headlines, NBC managed to draw an even better rating in the adult demo for Sunday’s primetime competition coverage (32 million, 11.2/31). </p>Read more

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  5. Britney Spears plots return to VMAs

    12:26 pm 8/12/2008

    Britney Spears may get a shot at redemption during this year's MTV Video Music Awards.Read more

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  6. Olympics coverage wins Monday ratings race

    9:10 am 8/12/2008

    <p>NBC's Olympic coverage continues to trend as the best-rated Summer Games in 12 years with last night's lineup ranking higher the other four major broadcast networks combined by 143%. </p><p>The Beijing Olympics (30 million viewers, 10.2 preliminary adults 18 to 49 rating and a 27 share) easily won the night with coverage of men's gymnastics, swimming, women's beach volleyball and diving. That's up 15% from Athens in the demo and up 24% in total viewers.</p>Read more

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  7. DreamWorks Ani teams with NBC for 'Santa'

    8:34 am 8/12/2008

    NEW DELHI -- DreamWorks Animation and Indian partner Paprikaas Interactive will work on the NBC series "Mad Santa," local media reported Tuesday.Read more

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  8. 'Hawaii Five-O' 2.0 set up at CBS

    10:00 pm 8/11/2008

    CBS is saying aloha to a new installment of the "Hawaii Five-O" franchise from "Criminal Minds" exec producer/showrunner Ed Bernero.Read more

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  9. George Lucas Sends Cease-And-Desist Letter for Negative 'Clone Wars' Review

    9:38 pm 8/11/2008

    <p><a href="/images/2008/08/12/georgelucas.jpg"><img title="Georgelucas" height="127" alt="Georgelucas" src="/images/2008-small/08/12/georgelucas.jpg" width="85" border="0" style="FLOAT: left; MARGIN: 0px 5px 5px 0px" /></a>It doesn't take Yoda to deduce that George Lucas's Lucas Arts probably wouldn't have cared that Ain't It Cool News published an early review of the forthcoming animated &quot;The Clone Wars&quot; if that review was positive. In fact, they probably would have been overjoyed. </p>Read more

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  10. U.K. High Court Heads Off Libel Suits For Internet Discource

    9:31 pm 8/11/2008

    <p>Anybody who has ever trolled an online message board knows there's a lot of flame wars that go on. It's also <a href="/2008/02/defamation-laws.html">widely known</a> that the U.K. has some very plaintiff-friendly libel laws. Put one and one together and you get a scenario where libel tourists could potentially go to the U.K. and render many problems for Internet speech. Fortunately, a High Court in the U.K. has <a href="http://www.out-law.com//default.aspx?page=9330">issued a ruling</a> that bulletin board and instant messaging chats are more like spoken words than printed words.Read more

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