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  1. Viacom, Time Warner Cable strike deal

    3:05 am 1/1/2009

    After running past the initial midnight deadline and into 2009, Viacom and Time Warner Cable reached a tentative deal to keep MTV Networks' 19 channels on the MSO's 13.3 million households nationwide.Read more

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  2. No end to Viacom-TWC dispute in sight

    1:37 pm 12/31/2008

    There was no sign of resolution in the carriage-fee dispute between Viacom and Time Warner Cable as midnight approached on New Year's Eve.Read more

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  3. Weeknights: ABC's new drama lineup vs. everybody else

    11:01 am 12/31/2008

    <p><a style="float: right;" href="/images/livefeed/old/6a00d83451d69069e2010536a89ec2970c-800wi.jpg" rel="lightbox"><img class="at-xid-6a00d83451d69069e2010536a89ec2970c " alt="Castle" src="/images/livefeed/old/6a00d83451d69069e2010536a89ec2970c-320wi.jpg" style="margin: 0px 0px 5px 5px; width: 177px; height: 269px;"></a>Battleground: Weeknights at 10 p.m.: ABC's new drama lineup vs.Read more

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  4. Wednesdays: 'Lost' vs. 'Lie to Me' vs. 'Criminal Minds'

    10:53 am 12/31/2008

    <p><a style="float: right;" href="/images/livefeed/old/6a00d83451d69069e2010536a057d8970b-800wi.jpg" rel="lightbox"><img class="at-xid-6a00d83451d69069e2010536a057d8970b " alt="Ben" src="/images/livefeed/old/6a00d83451d69069e2010536a057d8970b-320wi.jpg" style="margin: 0px 0px 5px 5px; width: 179px; height: 269px;"></a>Battleground: Wednesdays at 9 p.m.: ABC's "Lost" vs.Read more

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  5. Tuesdays: 'Homeland Security USA' vs. 'The Biggest Loser'

    10:43 am 12/31/2008

    <p><a style="float: right;" href="/images/livefeed/old/6a00d83451d69069e2010536a05875970b-800wi.jpg" rel="lightbox"><img class="at-xid-6a00d83451d69069e2010536a05875970b " alt="Loser" src="/images/livefeed/old/6a00d83451d69069e2010536a05875970b-320wi.jpg" style="margin: 0px 0px 5px 5px; width: 159px; height: 271px;"></a>Battleground: Tuesdays at 8 p.m.: ABC's "Homeland Security USA" vsRead more

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  6. Fridays: 'Dollhouse' vs. 'Flashpoint'

    10:34 am 12/31/2008

    <p><a style="float: right;" href="/images/livefeed/old/6a00d83451d69069e2010536aa074b970b-800wi.jpg" rel="lightbox"><img class="at-xid-6a00d83451d69069e2010536aa074b970b " alt="Dollhouse3" src="/images/livefeed/old/6a00d83451d69069e2010536aa074b970b-500wi.jpg" style="margin: 0px 0px 5px 5px; width: 274px; height: 205px;"></a>&nbsp;BattlegroundRead more

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  7. Terrorists bomb Madrid TV station

    9:21 am 12/31/2008

    A car bomb exploded Wednesday outside a regional television station in northern Spain after a warning call from the armed separatist group ETA, police said.Read more

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  8. Michael Pitt set for Scorsese's HBO pilot

    7:00 pm 12/30/2008

    Michael Pitt is in final negotiations to star opposite Steve Buscemi in "Boardwalk Empire," Martin Scorsese's drama pilot for HBO.Read more

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  9. Viacom, TWC feud over carriage fees

    6:33 pm 12/30/2008

    Viacom and Time Warner Cable are mired in a carriage-fee dust-up that could result in 19 channels -- from MTV and Comedy Central to Nickelodeon and TV Land -- being yanked from more than 13 million homes by midnight Wednesday.Read more

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  10. In '08, big headlines for everybody

    3:16 pm 12/30/2008

    As 2009 dawns, the cable news channels can look back on one heckuva year in the ratings.Read more

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