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  1. NBC sets date with 'Momma's Boys'

    3:44 pm 10/2/2008

    NBC is dropping its new reality show "Momma's Boys" into Wednesday nights in a few weeks.Read more

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  2. TheWB.com greenlights originals

    3:17 pm 10/2/2008

    TheWB.com, the online resurrected version of the former broadcast network, has greenlighted three original series to premiere in October.Read more

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  3. Biggest fall TV gainers (and droppers) so far

    1:49 pm 10/2/2008

    <p>You already read about the &quot;Pushing Daisies&quot; <a href="http://www.thrfeed.com/2008/10/daisies-practic.html">plunge</a> and the fall doom-n-gloom headlines, but which TV shows have grown and plummeted the most?</p><p>Here are the 10 biggest broadcast gainers and droppers among returning shows that have premiered so far, comparing their adults 18-49 premiere rating this season to last. </p><p>Gainers</p>Read more

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  4. Palin comparison

    12:20 pm 10/2/2008

    <p>Palin did pretty well, but this line about how the use of nuclear weapons would be the &quot;end of too many people&quot; is pretty Tina Fey-esque.</p><p> &nbsp; &nbsp; </p><p></p><p>The moment everybody seems to be talking about is this, where Joe Biden choked up while talking about his family history.</p>Read more

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  5. European broadcasters already feeling sting

    12:09 pm 10/2/2008

    Regardless of whether the U.S. passes the $700 billion bailout the second time around, the impact of chronically tightening financial markets and nearly 12 months of economic jitters are already blowing cold winds over Europe's biggest broadcasters.Read more

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  6. NBC schedules 'Momma's Boys' for October

    9:12 am 10/2/2008

    <p>NBC is dropping the new reality show &quot;Momma's Boys&quot; into Wednesday nights starting Oct. 29, replacing ever-flexible &quot;Deal or No Deal&quot; at 9 p.m.</p><p>The six-episode, one-hour series is from Ryan Seacrest Prods. and Glassman Media and &quot;centers on three possessive, yet loving mothers who must help their complacent sons choose the perfect woman,&quot; according to the release. The mothers choose among 32 single women while all parties live under one roof. </p>Read more

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  7. 'Daisies,' 'Practice' endure dramatic declines

    6:24 am 10/2/2008

    <p><a href="/images/livefeed/2008/10/02/pushing_daisies_2.jpg"><img border="0" class="image-full" alt="Pushing_daisies_2" title="Pushing_daisies_2" src="/images/livefeed/2008/10/02/pushing_daisies_2.jpg" style="margin: 0px 5px 5px 0px; float: left; width: 307px; height: 218px;" /></a>UPDATED:The premiere of ABC's trio of original dramas posted dramatic declines Wednesday as &quot;Pushing Daisies,&quot; &quot;Private Practice&quot; and &quot;Dirty Sexy Money&quot; returned significantly lower than last year. </p>Read more

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  8. Guitar Hero Publisher: Maybe Artists Should Pay Us For Song Rights

    10:17 pm 10/1/2008

    <p><a href="/images/2008/10/02/guitarhero.jpg"><img title="Guitarhero" height="57" alt="Guitarhero" src="/images/2008-small/10/02/guitarhero.jpg" width="85" border="0" style="FLOAT: left; MARGIN: 0px 5px 5px 0px" /></a>It looks like Activision, maker of Guitar Hero, is questioning the license fees it pays to artists and song publishers.Read more

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  9. Hollywood Docket: Another Way To View the Foreclosure Mess

    10:13 pm 10/1/2008

    <p>Case: Paul C. Stepnes v. Peter Ritschel (Minnesota District), filed Sept. 29</p> <p>Claims: Civil rights violation, defamation, intentional interference with a contract, </p> <p>Allegations: CBS is one of the defendants in this lawsuit, along with one of its news reporters and members of the local police force. The plaintiff held a contest to raffle off a home. The twist is that the home was under foreclosure and that the plaintiff, unable to get full value for the home, wanted the proceeds from the &quot;creative business venture&quot; to go to paying off all those who were owed money on the house and any leftover profits, going to aide the homeless. The plaintiff received legal advice on how to avoid conducting a &quot;gambling&quot; venture but it didn't stop the police from bringing him up on charges. The news reporter documented the episode. Plaintiff alleges his rights were violated and that he was defamed. He's joined by the winners of the contest who believe the authorities interfered with a good-faith contract as represented by the raffle. Read the sign-of-the-times lawsuit <a href="http://www.courthousenews.com/2008/10/01/CBSMpls.pdf">here</a>.</p> Read more

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  10. SAG panel: Board should take strike vote

    8:05 pm 10/1/2008

    After months of seeing its talks with the AMPTP go nowhere, SAG's negotiating committee Wednesday urged its national board to take a strike authorization vote of its membership.Read more

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