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  1. 'Dancing' tops night; 'Gary' repeat hits season high

    7:09 am 10/28/2008

    <p><a href="/images/livefeed/2008/10/28/97519_d0419b.jpg"><img border="0" src="/images/livefeed/2008/10/28/97519_d0419b.jpg" title="97519_d0419b" alt="97519_d0419b" class="image-full" style="margin: 0px 0px 5px 5px; float: right; width: 286px; height: 190px;" /></a>Fox's presentation of the World Series was disrupted by rain while CBS' try out of &quot;Gary Unmarried&quot; on Monday night seemingly paid off. </p><p>Fox tied ABC for first place overall, airing just six innings of Game 5 of the World Series (13.2 million viewers, 4.0 time-zone adjusted fast national rating). The Rays vs. Phillies game was tied 2-2 in the bottom of the sixth when the baseball league called a delay. </p><p>With CBS in repeats, ABC's lineup enjoyed modest across-the-board bumps. &quot;Dancing With the Stars&quot; was up a tenth (18.8 million, 4.2), &quot;Samantha Who&quot; gained 11% (11.4 million, 3.0) and &quot;Boston Legal&quot; climbed 10% (10.4 million, 2.9).</p><p>CBS was third, with an encore airing of the &quot;Gary Unmarried&quot; pilot (8.2 million, 2.9) hitting a season high rating at 9:30 p.m., retaining 76% of its lead in from a &quot;Two and a Half Men&quot; repeat (11.7 million, 3.8). By comparison, &quot;Worst Week&quot; held 62% of &quot;Men&quot; last week, when both shows aired originals.&nbsp; </p><p>CBS has to choose whether to keep the Jay Mohr freshman comedy on Wednesday -- hopefully benefiting from last night's additional sampling -- or swap the show with usual time-slot occupant &quot;Worst Week&quot; permanently. Rolling comfortably in first place this season, the network has been disinclined to make fast moves. It will likely opt to take another look at &quot;Unmarried&quot; on Wednesday now that the show has some additional exposure. CBS executives will have to wait another week to get any new information since the Barack Obama ad will air tomorrow night at 8 p.m., followed by &quot;The New Adventures of Old Christine.&quot;</p><p>NBC was in fourth place, &quot;Chuck&quot; dropping a tenth (6.5 million, 2.5) and &quot;Heroes&quot; holding steady (8.1 million, 3.9). At 10 p.m., &quot;My Own Worst Enemy&quot; dropped for its third week in a row (5.2 million, 2.3). </p><p>On the CW, &quot;Gossip Girl&quot; climbed a tenth (3 million, 1.5) from last week's season low, but &quot;One Tree Hill&quot; (3.1 million, 1.6) was chopped 16% from last Monday's season high. As it has for seven of the past eight weeks, the CW topped the night in its young women target demo. </p><p>Chart (with shares) after the jump. </p>Read more

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  2. 'Runway' Getting More Crowded: Harvey Asserts Counterclaim For Sabotage

    10:34 pm 10/27/2008

    <p><a href="/images/2008/10/28/project_runway_2.jpg"><img title="Project_runway_2" height="172" alt="Project_runway_2" src="/images/2008-small/10/28/project_runway_2.jpg" width="120" border="0" style="FLOAT: left; MARGIN: 0px 5px 5px 0px" /></a> You didn't think Harvey was going to just let this one go, did you? The catfight over &quot;Project Runway's&quot; move from Bravo to Lifetime has taken a (somewhat predictable) turn, with the Weinstein Co.Read more

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  3. PellicanoWatch: No New Trial for Terry Christensen

    10:30 pm 10/27/2008

    <p><a href="/images/2008/10/28/christensen_pellicano_2.jpg"><img title="Christensen_pellicano_2" height="88" alt="Christensen_pellicano_2" src="/images/2008-small/10/28/christensen_pellicano_2.jpg" width="119" border="0" style="FLOAT: left; MARGIN: 0px 5px 5px 0px" /></a>The news still isn't good for Terry Christensen. The entertainment attorney, convicted in August of conspiring to illegally wiretap client Kirk Kerkorian's ex-wife, was denied a new trial today. Christensen claimed a juror was improperly removed during deliberations for disagreeing with the other jurors. </p>Read more

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  4. Megan Dodds inks with Fox

    9:00 pm 10/27/2008

    Megan Dodds has inked a talent holding deal with Fox and 20th Century Fox TV to star in an hourlong series project.Read more

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  5. Shawn Ryan screens 'The Shield' finale

    7:40 pm 10/27/2008

    <p>The screening lights come up. </p><p>The room is silent.</p><p>Somebody says &quot;wow.&quot;</p><p>FX just screened the final two episodes of &quot;The Shield&quot; for a small group of L.A. reporters. The network is not sending out screeners to critics. The final episodes are riveting and shocking. The cast's <a href="http://www.thrfeed.com/2008/07/fx-shield-final.html">early boasting at TCA</a>, followed by <a href="http://www.thrfeed.com/2008/08/review-shield-f.html">my </a><a href="http://www.thrfeed.com/2008/08/review-shield-f.html">early gushing about the first half of the season</a>, followed by critic and fan raves about the same, have all led to a finale that's worth the build up. </p><p>Without revealing any significant spoilers, below are some points of praise and postscreening quotes from creator Shawn Ryan. If you prefer to watch the finale totally cold, stop reading. </p>Read more

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  6. Both sides of aisle rip MSNBC

    5:26 pm 10/27/2008

    In a room full of television industry executives, no one seemed inclined to defend MSNBC on Monday for what some were calling its lopsidedly liberal coverage of the presidential election.Read more

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  7. Weinsteins strike back at Bravo over 'Runway'

    5:00 pm 10/27/2008

    Bravo isn't the only one claiming it's been damaged by the decision to move "Project Runway" to Lifetime.Read more

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  8. ABC Family picks up gymnastics series

    4:00 pm 10/27/2008

    ABC Family is hoping to score a "Perfect 10," handing out a pilot pickup to a project set in the world of competitive gymnastics.Read more

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  9. CBS pulls 'The Ex-List'

    3:51 pm 10/27/2008

    <p><a href="/images/livefeed/2008/10/27/97448_d1948b.jpg"><img border="0" src="/images/livefeed/2008/10/27/97448_d1948b.jpg" title="97448_d1948b" alt="97448_d1948b" class="image-full" style="margin: 0px 5px 5px 0px; float: left; width: 292px; height: 194px;" /></a>CBS has yanked struggling drama &quot;The Ex-List&quot; from its lineup this Friday.&nbsp; </p><p>The freshman dramedy series will be replaced with a repeat of procedural &quot;NCIS,&quot; which has been performing solidly for the network this fall. </p>Read more

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  10. MSNBC beats CNN in October

    3:49 pm 10/27/2008

    MSNBC has throttled into second place in three hours of cable news primetime, beating CNN for the month of October.Read more

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