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  1. Reality pioneer exits CBS

    2:31 pm 8/10/2008

    Ghen Maynard is leaving CBS again. Two years into his second tour of duty at the network, Maynard has stepped down as executive vp and head of alternative programming for both CBS and CW.Read more

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  2. Isaac Hayes dies at 65

    1:31 pm 8/10/2008

    Oscar-winning soul singer Isaac Hayes who, along with Al Green, James Brown and Stevie Wonder, was one of the dominant black artists in the early 1970s, died in Memphis on Sunday.Read more

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  3. World audience huge for Games opener

    7:47 am 8/10/2008

    BEIJING -- The size of the television audience for the live broadcast of the Beijing Olympics opening ceremony reflected a wide spread of viewer interest around the world, from a record-breaking market share in China to near-ambivalence in Germany.Read more

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  4. NBC's Olympics ratings roll continues

    7:30 am 8/10/2008

    <p class="MsoNormal">Coming off a <a href="http://www.thrfeed.com/2008/08/ceremony-rating.html">record-setting opening ceremony</a>, NBC's firstnight of Olympic competition Saturday continued to show elevated viewership. </p>Read more

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  5. Ten observations about the Olympics opening ceremony

    12:19 pm 8/9/2008

    <p>All the superlatives were earned. Epic. Stunning. A true event. Many will watch this more than once, buying it on Blu-ray to show off their high-def TVs. NBC Universal hasn't scheduled an encore presentation yet, but likely will find room for it somewhere (they have enough networks, after all). </p><p>Here's 10 random thoughts and impressions: </p><p>-- You watch the Beijing ceremony feeling hugely impressed, yet vaguely uneasy. So much of the event employs synchronized, rigorously trained masses -- rows upon rows of drummers, dancers, Tai-chi experts; an army of artists. As an American, it's tough not to feel a thumping sense of militancy and threat -- &quot;awe inspiring, and perhaps a little intimidating,&quot; one NBC announcer noted, which seems about right.</p><p>-- Sarah Brightman looked Botoxed to the gills.</p><p>-- The synchronized Chinese printing blocks were inspired. Illustrating the Great Wall collapsing and being replaced by flowers was moving. The decision to pull back the curtain on the production to show the blocks were powered by people was a very clever twist. This segment was the visual and emotional peak.</p><p>-- NBC's shot of George W. Bush not paying attention -- chatting away during the $300 million, globally telecast production -- was a hilarious cutaway made even better by commentator Matt Lauer's attempt to save it. &quot;President Bush, still talking to Vladimir Putin,&quot; Lauer said. &quot;Perhaps talking about that opening drum number still.&quot; Riiiight. </p><p>-- Those oversized cut-out photos of kids were a wee bit creepy. Like a sea of milk carton runaways.</p>Read more

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  6. Record ratings for Olympics opener

    9:06 am 8/9/2008

    NBC's coverage of the Summer Games got off to a roaring start Friday with an opening ceremony that's trending as the highest-rated non-U.S. opener ever. <br /><a href="http://www.thrfeed.com/2008/08/ceremony-rating.html" target="_blank">Read full story</a><br /><a href="http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/hr/content_display/asia/china/e3i11f792c8aef008a0633002b0edc62686" target="_blank">Complete Olympics coverage</a>Read more

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  7. Fox issues statement on Bernie Mac

    8:11 am 8/9/2008

    <p>&quot;Bernie Mac was a gifted talent whose comedy came from an authentic and highly personal place. He was a tremendous live performer and a wonderful actor. FOX was proud to be the home of 'The Bernie Mac Show,' and all of us at Fox and 20th Century Fox Television extend our deepest sympathies to his wife Rhonda and daughter JeNiece.&quot;</p><p>THR: <a href="http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/hr/content_display/news/e3i47809d21d2ac68fbc6afdd1562458fe4">Bernie Mac dies at 50. </a></p>Read more

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  8. Bernie Mac dies at 50

    8:06 am 8/9/2008

    Actor-comedian Bernie Mac, who had been hospitalized for pneumonia, died Saturday at a Chicago area hospital, his spokeswoman said.Read more

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  9. Record ratings for NBC's Olympic opening ceremony

    5:11 am 8/9/2008

    <p><a href="/images/livefeed/2008/08/09/82225556.jpg"><img border="0" class="image-full" alt="opening_ceremony_fireworks" title="opening_ceremony_fireworks" src="/images/livefeed/2008/08/09/82225556.jpg" style="margin: 0px 5px 5px 0px; float: left; width: 265px; height: 169px;" /></a>[Updated, 1:04 p.m.] -- NBC’s Olympic dream of ratings fireworks came true. </p><p>The network’s coverage of the Games got off to a roaring start Friday with the most-watched and highest-rated non-U.S.&nbsp; summer opening ceremony telecast ever. </p>Read more

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  10. Sara Gilbert joins 'Big Bang' as series regular

    4:50 pm 8/8/2008

    The "Roseanne" reunion on CBS' "The Big Bang Theory" is becoming permanent.Read more

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