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  1. How the Chicago Cubs Could Boost World Series Ratings (and Give Fox a $30M Advertising Windfall)

    8:15 am 10/19/2016

    With the team looking to end its 108-year drought and finally win another World Series, Fox execs salivate as viewership spikes and the perennial losers could become baseball TV's  heroes.Read more

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  2. Norman Lear on the Final Debate: "I, Donald Trump, vs. We, the People" (Guest Column)

    8:00 am 10/19/2016

    The TV legend has been increasingly perturbed by Trump's "ignorance of, if not utter contempt for, the Constitution."Read more

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  3. The Final Duel: Trump and Clinton Square Off One Last Time

    7:00 am 10/19/2016

    “This is it, don’t get scared now.”  Read more

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  4. Fox News' Bret Baier Clarifies His Roger Ailes Stance: "Sadness Quickly Turned to Anger"

    6:45 am 10/19/2016

    The 'Special Report' anchor talks about his initial defense of his boss of 18  years (and why he hasn’t talked to him since) and speaks out on Megyn Kelly and Donald Trump.Read more

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  5. The Strategy Behind Discovery's $100M Bid for Millennials

    6:45 am 10/19/2016

    Discovery Communications is betting big with an investment in five online publishers — Thrillist, The Dodo, NowThisMedia, Seeker and SourceFed Studios — to attract young audiences. Read more

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  6. NBC's New 'Apprentice' Star Arnold Schwarzenegger Arrives With Trump-Like Baggage

    6:20 am 10/19/2016

    Schwarzenegger's old behavior is making execs nervous as the network and Mark Burnett relaunch a franchise amid its former host's issues with women. Says Gloria Allred: His past "will always be with him."Read more

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  7. For Fox News and Moderator Chris Wallace, a Pivotal Debate Night

    6:15 am 10/19/2016

    Fox News veteran Chris Wallace moderates Wednesday’s debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump at a major inflection point for the network, recovering from the ugly ouster of news chief Roger Ailes amid a cloud of sexual-harassment allegations.Read more

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  8. Trump "Pussy" Tapes Triple His Newscast Airtime Over Hillary (Not That She's Complaining)

    6:00 am 10/19/2016

    Thanks to the 'Access Hollywood' leak, the Big Three networks' news bosses went all in with their coverage, as revealed by a minute-by-minute count. Read more

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  9. Laura Benanti Returns to 'Late Show' as Melania Trump to Spoof CNN Interview

    5:59 am 10/19/2016

    "I did not know this, but when American men gather to sport, they always brag of grabbing women by the Billy Bush."Read more

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  10. Michael Wolff on Billy Bush and How the Media Wrung Trump Dry Before Toppling Him

    5:55 am 10/19/2016

    Sleazy? Well, duh. Donald’s been a lout for three decades, but a sycophantic news business willingly built him up until, with some help from the former 'Access Hollywood' host (and Hillary's scary poll numbers), it decided to bring him down.Read more

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