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Girls on Girls

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  1. 'Girls on Girls' Podcast: Timed to Self-Destruct

    6:28 pm 1/25/2015

    Now that they're finally getting what they want, will our girls let their falling stars fade away?Read more

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  2. 'Girls on Girls' Podcast: Trigger Warning

    5:27 pm 1/16/2015

    Episode two, aptly called 'Triggering' in oh so many ways, takes us to the heartland as Hannah goes back to school.Read more

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  3. 'Girls on Girls' Podcast: No Sleep 'Til ... Iowa?

    6:30 pm 1/11/2015

    The weekly 'Girls' recap series is back and better (bitter?) than ever with the first episode of season fourRead more

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  4. 'Girls on Girls (+ One Guy)' Podcast: It All Ends at a Broadway Debut

    9:05 pm 3/23/2014

    It might be curtains for Hannah and Adam, as the "Girls" season three finale hinted at a possible huge move on the way.Read more

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  5. 'Girls On Girls (+ One Guy)' Podcast with Allison Williams

    9:00 am 3/17/2014

    The "Girls" actress joins us for a special episode to chat about Marnie's singing career, the fallout from Christopher Abbott's departure and why filming that Edie Brickell music video is a "close contender for my favorite day of work."Read more

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  6. 'Girls on Girls (+ One Guy)' Podcast: Sex, Lies and House Underwear

    3:58 pm 3/10/2014

    Hannah dives off the deep end in a failed attempt to spice things up with Adam, as Marnie swallows her pride for a paycheck and Jessa finally says those three little words: "I’m a junkie."Read more

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  7. 'Girls on Girls (+ One Guy)' Podcast: A Mother's Death and Sisterly Warfare

    9:00 am 3/3/2014

    Hannah experiences a death in the family as sweet Grandma Flo passes away, sending her daughters into a flurry of familial chaos.Read more

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  8. 'Girls on Girls (+ One Guy)' Podcast: Thespian Advice and a One-Night Stay at the Gramercy Park Hotel

    7:30 pm 2/23/2014

    It's splitsville for Ray and Marnie while Adam lands his first Broadway gig, and Patti LuPone has plenty to say about it to Hannah.Read more

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  9. 'Girls on Girls (+ One Guy)' Podcast: Beach House (of Pain)

    7:30 pm 2/16/2014

    Old grudges are bared when Marnie’s plans for a friend reunion go astoundingly awry in this week’s “Girls.”Read more

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  10. 'Girls on Girls (+ One Guy)' Podcast: Hannah Goes Gangbusters at GQ as Marnie and Ray Try for Round Two

    4:29 pm 2/7/2014

    This week finds everyone grappling with a dream deferred, as life expectations fall through the basement in "Girls" world.Read more

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