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Girls on Girls

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  1. 'Girls on Girls' Podcast: The Circle of Life ... It Moves Us All

    2:04 pm 3/24/2015

    The season four 'Girls' finale takes us from the birth of Caroline's baby to the death of Hannah and Adam (and possibly Desi?)Read more

  2. 'Girls on Girls' Podcast: I Think We're Alone Now

    6:30 pm 3/15/2015

    Boundary-crossing, scene-stealing and daddy-dressing: 'Girls' is back to its usual shenanigans.Read more

  3. 'Girls on Girls' Podcast: In With Tenure, Out With Tad

    6:30 pm 3/8/2015

    'Girls' goes all Mazursky on us as Hannah's parents and their friends dabble in some bed-hopping and closet-popping.Read more

  4. 'Girls on Girls' Podcast: Getting Along Without Him

    6:30 pm 3/1/2015

    A beautifully crafted episode that feels like a short film finds Hannah and Adam confronting ghosts of lovers past, present and future.Read more

  5. 'Girls on Girls' Podcast: Close-Up and Personal

    6:30 pm 2/22/2015

    It's better late than never as 'Girls' finally hits its stride at this season's halfway point.Read more

  6. 'Girls on Girls' Podcast: The Last of the Red Hot Lovers

    5:52 pm 2/13/2015

    Cue the Boyz II Men and pour one out for Hannah and Adam in this touching return to emotional 'Girls' terrainRead more

  7. 'Girls on Girls' Podcast: Cubby Problems

    5:47 pm 1/30/2015

    The season's fourth episode finds everyone's bold choices start to come back and bite them in the ass (no pun intended, Marnie.)Read more

  8. 'Girls on Girls' Podcast: Timed to Self-Destruct

    6:28 pm 1/25/2015

    Now that they're finally getting what they want, will our girls let their falling stars fade away?Read more

  9. 'Girls on Girls' Podcast: Trigger Warning

    5:27 pm 1/16/2015

    Episode two, aptly called 'Triggering' in oh so many ways, takes us to the heartland as Hannah goes back to school.Read more

  10. 'Girls on Girls' Podcast: No Sleep 'Til ... Iowa?

    6:30 pm 1/11/2015

    The weekly 'Girls' recap series is back and better (bitter?) than ever with the first episode of season fourRead more

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