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60 Minutes

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  1. Andy Rooney Tribute to Air on '60 Minutes'

    9:20 am 11/5/2011

    Morley Safer will lead the special segment on Sunday's edition of the CBS news program.Read more

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  2. TV Ratings: Bernie Madoff Wife, Son '60 Minutes' Episode Scores

    5:46 am 11/1/2011

    The CBS newsmagazine earned its highest overall audience in a year and highest demo rating in three years.Read more

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  3. Bernie Madoff's Son, Wife Open Up to '60 Minutes' (Video)

    7:25 am 10/31/2011

    Ruth admits she "blames herself" for her son Mark's suicide and says she “doesn’t know” if she would have turned him in if she knew of his $60 billion ponzi scheme. Read more

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  4. Amanda Knox Weighs '60 Minutes' Offer

    11:30 am 10/27/2011

    Plus, a look at what the other networks have proposed to the newly-exonerated KnoxRead more

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  5. '60 Minutes': Ponzi Scheme Perpetrator Bernie Madoff and Wife Attempted Suicide

    1:56 pm 10/26/2011

    “I don’t know whose idea it was, but we decided to kill ourselves because it was so horrendous what was happening,” Ruth Madoff tells CBS News.Read more

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  6. Andy Rooney Dies at 92

    11:52 pm 10/25/2011

    UPDATED: The television veteran spent 41 years at "60 Minutes" and delivered his final commentary just four weeks ago. Read more

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  7. Andy Rooney Remains Hospitalized After Surgery

    3:56 pm 10/25/2011

    The longtime "60 Minutes" commentator made his final regular appearance on the program on Oct. 2.Read more

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  8. '60 Minutes' Interview Reveals Steve Jobs' Little Known Bad Side (Video)

    3:46 pm 10/24/2011

    “He could be very, very mean to people at times,” said biographer Walter Isaacson on Sunday. Read more

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  9. Steve Jobs Recalls Accidental Meeting With Biological Father on '60 Minutes' (Video)

    5:59 am 10/24/2011

    His dad ran a restaurant in Silicon Valley the Apple CEO used to frequent, and called his son a "great tipper."Read more

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  10. Apple's Steve Jobs Threatened 'Thermonuclear War' on Google Android

    6:50 am 10/21/2011

    The CEO felt the features were "grand theft" and declared he'd "spend every penny of Apple’s $40 billion in the bank, to right this wrong."Read more

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