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Beauty and the Beast

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  1. Emma Watson and What Disney Pays Its Modern Princesses

    8:27 pm 3/14/2017

    Sources say Emma Watson is pulling in $3 million upfront to play book-smart protagonist Belle. But her final payday will escalate to $15 million if the film's final haul is similar to 'Maleficent.'Read more

  2. 'Beauty and the Beast' Honest Trailer Tells "a Tale as Old as Stockholm Syndrome"

    12:33 pm 3/14/2017

    Re-live the magic as Belle rejects a "violent, controlling, bad-mannered, hairy dude" in order to end up with a "violent, controlling, bad-mannered, hairy dude."Read more

  3. 'Beauty and the Beast' Composer Alan Menken on Rediscovering Lost Lyrics and Why He's "Shutting Up" About That Gay Character

    6:00 am 3/14/2017

    "My priority was to protect what was there originally and add where it feels organic," the Grammy, Tony and Oscar winner says of creating new songs for the live-action remake and tweaking beloved tunes from the original.Read more

  4. Red Rose Taverne: 7 Things to Know About Disneyland's New 'Beauty and the Beast' Eatery

    9:30 am 3/10/2017

    All about the gray stuff, how to get that in-demand souvenir cup and more tidbits about the Red Rose Taverne.Read more

  5. 'Beauty and the Beast' Live Action Cast & Original Voice Cast with Emma Watson, Ian McKellen

    2:51 pm 3/9/2017

    A look at the actors and actresses behind the voices of Belle, Gaston, Cogsworth and more characters in Disney's 1991 classic and the live-action adaptation.Read more

  6. Bill Condon to Direct 'A Star Is Born' Onstage

    5:30 am 3/9/2017

    The Warner Bros. Theatre Ventures musical project, based on the 1954 George Cukor film with Judy Garland and James Mason, is in early development, with a production timeline to be announced. Read more

  7. ‘Beauty and the Beast’ Supervising Sound Editor Warren Shaw Joins Formosa Group

    6:41 am 3/8/2017

    'Beauty' is his third collaboration with director Bill Condon.Read more

  8. Conservative Russian Legislator Lauds 'Beauty and the Beast' Age Restriction

    4:47 am 3/7/2017

    "The aim of this movie is to inoculate our children with new European standards of tolerance," he says about the film, limited in the country to people 16 and over, a rare restriction for a Disney movie.Read more

  9. Russia Won't Ban 'Beauty and the Beast' Over Gay Character

    1:29 pm 3/6/2017

    But viewers under 16 won't be admitted to screenings of the live-action Disney film.Read more

  10. 'Beauty and the Beast' Director Says Film's "Gay Moment" Has Been "Overblown"

    2:26 pm 3/4/2017

    "Why is it a big deal?" Bill Condon asked in an interview with 'ScreenCrush.'Read more

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