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  1. Emmys 2012: 'Boss'' Kathleen Robertson on Being Eviscerated by Kelsey Grammer

    9:00 am 6/27/2012

    The actress recalls a grueling scene she couldn't get through without crying, working without rehearsing and how Kitty will evolve in Season 2 of the Starz political drama. Read more

  2. Jon Hamm, Kelsey Grammer's Pre-Hollywood Jobs Were All About 'Asses and Elbows' (Video)

    1:30 pm 6/13/2012

    The stars reveal how they made money before hitting it big on the small screen during THR’s drama actors roundtable.Read more

  3. Kelsey Grammer, Peter Krause Reveal Gross-Out Acting Moments (Video)

    12:17 pm 6/13/2012

    The "Boss" and "Parenthood" actors discuss ill-timed instances of gastronomic pain and flatulence during THR's drama actors roundtable.Read more

  4. Emmys 2012: Worst Jobs, Career Highs and (TMI!) On-Stage Accidents at the Drama Actors Roundtable

    3:07 pm 6/12/2012

    Onstage bathroom accidents. A prom date revealed. Ditch-digging before fame. This year's top Emmy contenders tell all (with a little sprinkling of TMI).Read more

  5. Drama Actors: Full Uncensored Interview

    1:59 pm 6/12/2012

    Bryan Cranston 'Breaking Bad', Kelsey Grammer 'Boss', Jon Hamm 'Mad Men', Peter Krause 'Parenthood', Damian Lewis 'Homeland' and Kiefer Sutherland 'Touch join our Emmy Roundtable.Read more

  6. Drama Actors: Worst Jobs

    1:57 pm 6/12/2012

    'Boss' star Kelsey Grammer reveals his two worst jobs were being a security guard and ditch digger. He shares with the roundtable group that he just remembers his manager saying, "I just want to see asses and elbows", which he felt was a really good motto for working hard. Jon Hamm recalls being a set dresser on a soft core porn movie shoot. Read more

  7. 'Boss' Season 2 Trailer: Is it Time to Find New Leadership? (Exclusive Video)

    6:00 am 5/31/2012

    The first full-length trailer for Kelsey Grammer's Golden Globe-nominated drama offers a look at new cast members Jonathan Groff, Sanaa Lathan and T.I.Read more

  8. Boss Season Premiere Sneak Peek

    6:00 am 5/31/2012

    Sneak peek at the season two premiere of the Starz original series 'Boss' starring Kelsey Grammer as the Mayor of Chicago. Read more

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