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CBS Evening News

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  1. Dallas Police Shooting Sends Network News Anchors to Texas as Cable News Goes Wall-to-Wall

    7:23 am 7/8/2016

    All three broadcast evening news anchors have been dispatched to the scene of the deadly shooting of five police officers. Read more

  2. Scott Pelley to Sit Down With Hillary Clinton on 'CBS Evening News' Ahead of Nevada Caucus

    6:19 am 2/18/2016

    The 2016 presidential campaigns continue to be a boon for TV news. Read more

  3. Dan Rather on 'Truth': "It Is About What's Happened to News Reporting"

    4:22 pm 10/6/2015

    "My hope is that the film will encourage a discussion about where we go forward with journalism in America, having said that we have too much interference from political offices, from lobbyists, from corporate executives in news."Read more

  4. Dan Rather Admires Pope Francis' Discussion of "Humility, Modesty, Forgiveness, Love"

    4:09 pm 10/6/2015

    "I think [Pope Francis] should be asked questions about church finances and about the church's problems with the abuse of underage children. He's acknowledged these are problems. I think in the end his papacy will be judged on how well or how poorly he manages to handle those two problems."Read more

  5. Dan Rather on Trump: "I Don't Think It's Outside the Realm of Possibility He Gets Elected"

    4:00 pm 10/6/2015

    "I think the [presidential] campaign stars way too early, it lasts way too long, and it's far too expensive."Read more

  6. Baltimore Mom Caught on Video Pulling Son From Riots: "I Just Lost It"

    6:56 am 4/29/2015

    "Hero mom" Toya Graham talks to CBS News about why she reacted the way she did when she saw her son participating in the violence sweeping through the city.Read more

  7. NFL Commissioner on Ray Rice Return: "I Don't Rule That Out"

    3:49 pm 9/9/2014

    "But we would have to be fully confident that he is addressing this issue"Read more

  8. Steve Capus Named Executive Producer of 'CBS Evening News'

    6:42 am 5/6/2014

    The former president of NBC News and one-time ep of "Nightly News with Brian Williams," has a new home team. "My allegiances are now on West 57th Street," said Capus.Read more

  9. Harry Smith to Leave CBS for NBC News

    7:57 am 7/8/2011

    The anchor, who was ousted from the "Early Show" last year, will work on Brian Williams' upcoming primetime news hour.Read more

  10. Scott Pelley's First 'CBS Evening News' Night: What the Critics Said

    11:09 pm 6/6/2011

    The New York Times compared the CBS Evening News broadcast to a "frozen dinner," while the Baltimore Sun praised Katie Couric's replacement and his "sense of what's important."Read more

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