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The Colbert Report

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  1. Stephen Colbert Geeks Out With Ian McKellen to Start 'Hobbit Week' (Video)

    7:03 am 12/4/2012

    A massive Tolkien fan, the Comedy Central host gleefully questions the man who plays Gandalf, and shows off his "Hobbit" knowledge in the process.Read more

  2. Stephen Colbert Presses Frank Oz on Whether Muppets Have Sex

    9:30 pm 11/28/2012

    Oz, who has voiced Cookie Monster, Bert, Miss Piggy and other Muppets, reluctantly tries to answer that question as best he can on Wednesday night's "The Colbert Report."Read more

  3. Stephen Colbert -- With Jon Stewart's Help -- Plots His Super PAC's Next Move (Video)

    7:58 am 11/13/2012

    With almost $800,000 left in the bank, the satirical host looks to the future -- and his own pocket -- for his special, special interest group.Read more

  4. Rachel Maddow Tells Stephen Colbert: Facts Had a Liberal Bias (Video)

    8:18 am 11/9/2012

    The MSNBC host laughed her way through a segment with Stephen Colbert, who called her a "conservative dream crusher."Read more

  5. Stephen Colbert Sulks in Despair Post-Obama Win (Video)

    8:56 am 11/8/2012

    So confident of a GOP landslide, "The Colbert Report" host is despondent a night after his candidate lost to President Obama.Read more

  6. Jon Stewart Announces Obama's Win; Stephen Colbert Mourns It (Videos)

    7:24 am 11/7/2012

    "Two years, $3 billion dollars, and we are clearly in the same place as where we started," Stewart said.Read more

  7. Nate Silver Defends Projections to Stephen Colbert, Prefers Ebola to Pundits (Video)

    9:52 am 11/6/2012

    The NY Times blogger addresses his critics in a lively chat with the Comedy Central host as he gets drawn further into the world of talking heads.Read more

  8. 'Daily Show' and 'Colbert' Rip on Pundits and Media in Final Pre-Election Shows (Video)

    7:27 am 11/6/2012

    The Comedy Central duo turned their aim not on the politicians running, but the media covering the 2012 election.Read more

  9. Stephen Colbert's $1 Million Offer to Donald Trump Passes Deadline (Video)

    10:19 am 11/1/2012

    In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, Colbert extended the deadline on his offer to Trump -- but the billionaire was not open to the idea.Read more

  10. 'Daily Show,' 'Colbert Report' Returning Wednesday After Hurricane Sandy

    9:48 am 10/31/2012

    After two nights off the air, Comedy Central is bringing back its mainstay political satire shows.Read more

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