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The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

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  1. Jon Stewart Mocks Fox News Outrage Over 'American Sniper' Oscar Snub (Video)

    10:05 pm 2/25/2015

    Conan O'Brien also stops by 'The Daily Show' to reveal details of his Cuba trip.Read more

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  2. CBS' 'The Late Late Show With James Corden' Lands in Canada

    10:46 am 2/25/2015

    CTV Networks bought the midnight comedy chat show, featuring the British funnyman, from CBS Studios International.Read more

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  3. Jon Stewart on Bill O'Reilly Scandal: No One Watches Him "For the Actual Truth" (Video)

    9:31 pm 2/24/2015

    The 'O'Reilly Factor' host is facing allegations that he exaggerated accounts of his reporting during the Falkland Islands war.Read more

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  4. Jon Stewart Accuses Obama of Catching MSNBCitis: "Symptoms Include Cancellation" (Video)

    11:40 pm 2/23/2015

    Prepare to find out what Obama would look like if he were Superman.Read more

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  5. Jon Stewart Reveals Hopes For 'Daily Show' Successor, Talks Future Plans

    7:56 pm 2/19/2015

    "The thing I'll miss the most I think is that sort of thoughtful conversation in the morning that turns into a rewrite dance party," he said.Read more

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  6. John Oliver Has Perfect Replacement for Jon Stewart on 'Daily Show'

    11:19 am 2/18/2015

    Genius plan, John Oliver. Read more

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  7. Daily Show's Jessica Williams: Stop Telling Me to Lean In

    9:34 am 2/18/2015

    "I am a black woman and I am a feminist and I am so many things. I am truly honored that people love my work. But I am not yours."Read more

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  8. Bill Carter on Jon Stewart's Next Move: It Won't Be What You'd Guess

    7:00 am 2/18/2015

    No running for office or joining CNN or taking Brian Williams' job at NBC — the Stewart that friends know will seek a better balance of work and family and, at just 52, he's not nearly done yet.Read more

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  9. Bill O'Reilly: Jon Stewart's Rousing Sendoff Proves Media Is "Overwhelmingly Liberal" (Video)

    4:45 am 2/17/2015

    The Fox News anchor isn't so sure that he would get the same treatment if he were "run over by a bus tomorrow." Read more

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  10. 'Daily Show's' Jessica Williams on Replacing Jon Stewart: "I'm Not Hosting"

    11:30 am 2/16/2015

    The correspondent, who's garnered a great deal of support online to take over the Comedy Central late-night show when Stewart steps down, tweeted that she's not right for the job.Read more

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