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The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

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  1. Jon Stewart Analyzes Mike Huckabee's Iran Deal Comments Without Saying a Word

    7:50 am 7/28/2015

    "We never had the balls to try that...I've been working way too hard," Stewart said of the segment later in the show.Read more

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  2. 'The Daily Show' Producer Admits "Blind Spots" on Race

    3:26 pm 7/24/2015

    "One of the reasons that these topics are generally good fodder for us to deal with at the show is because they’re difficult to talk about," an executive producer of the show said in an interview.Read more

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  3. Jon Stewart Sings Trump 'Grease' Cover, Says Run "Like Eating Ice Cream on a Roller Coaster Made of Blow Jobs"

    7:38 am 7/24/2015

    "Donald Trump is the candidate version of the hot dog crust pizza: you don't want it, you never ordered it, you can't believe someone came up with it, but now it's all you want to eat!"Read more

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  4. New 'Daily Show' Host Trevor Noah Talks Oscar Pistorius, Nelson Mandela in Montreal Comedy Festival Set

    4:44 am 7/24/2015

    The South African comic didn't address a recent Twitter controversy and succeeding Jon Stewart during his Just for Laughs set.Read more

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  5. Former 'Daily Show' Writer: Jon Stewart Told Me to "F— Off" When Challenged About Black Joke

    3:26 pm 7/23/2015

    On an episode of Marc Maron's 'WTF' podcast, Wyatt Cenac, who was a correspondent for the 'Daily Show' for four years, remembers an uncomfortable confrontation he had with the late-night host.Read more

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  6. Donald Trump Says 'Daily Show' "Begging" Him to Appear on Jon Stewart's Final Episode

    12:32 pm 7/23/2015

    Stewart has delighted in covering Trump's presidential run, regularly mocking the real estate mogul's comments.Read more

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  7. Obama to Jon Stewart: "I Can't Believe You’re Leaving Before Me"

    1:33 pm 7/21/2015

    "I am sure the Republicans are enjoying [Donald] Trump's current dominance in their primary," the president joked in his final 'Daily Show' interview.Read more

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  8. Jon Stewart Slams Donald Trump's John McCain Comments: "Projectile Vomit of Dickishness"

    2:48 am 7/21/2015

    "What the f— is wrong with him?" the 'Daily Show' host asked about the rabble-rousing presidential candidate.Read more

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  9. Trevor Noah Discusses 'Daily Show,' Jon Stewart; Compares Presidential Race to 'Game of Thrones'

    1:11 am 7/18/2015

    "I feel like it's 'Game of Thrones,'" Noah said about the 2016 presidential race, adding, "We need a map to show you who goes where and how."Read more

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  10. 'An Act of God' With Jim Parsons Recoups on Broadway

    11:30 am 7/15/2015

    The first production of the 2015-16 season has recovered its $2.9 million capitalization in just 10 weeks at Studio 54.Read more

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