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The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

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  1. Jon Stewart on Gay Marriage Bashers: "I Am So Tired of This"

    9:57 pm 6/29/2015

    The 'Daily Show' host mocks Mike Huckabee, John Roberts and more.Read more

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  2. Amy Schumer Reveals Why She Turned Down 'Daily Show' Offer

    3:32 pm 6/27/2015

    The comedian, who has her own show on Comedy Central, confirms that she was asked to host the program after Jon Stewart leaves but says it didn't feel like the right fit.Read more

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  3. Jon Stewart Mocks Bobby Jindal's Presidential Candidacy Announcement to His Family

    7:16 am 6/26/2015

    "I am not a political scientist, I am obviously not a campaign manager, [but] I believe it may be a sign your campaign may be in trouble when you cannot carry a majority of your immediate family."Read more

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  4. Jon Stewart Slams Wal-Mart for Pulling Confederate-Flag Items But Still Selling Guns "to Anybody"

    4:45 am 6/25/2015

    The 'Daily Show' host wants Southerners to forget about a flag that reminds everyone of slavery and instead create a new one to commemorate the "creation of barbecue."Read more

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  5. Jon Stewart Threatens to Quit 'Daily Show' Early if Trump Doesn't Run for President

    9:06 am 6/24/2015

    Luckily for fans of the Comedy Central late night show, the candidate is still providing plenty of fodder.Read more

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  6. Jon Stewart: Charleston "Is Like Confederate Epcot"

    4:30 am 6/23/2015

    "It's the absolute least that can be done," said the 'Daily Show' host of South Carolina taking down the Civil War-era flag.Read more

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  7. Jon Stewart Forgoes Jokes in Wake of South Carolina "Terrorist Attack"

    11:13 pm 6/18/2015

    "I got nothing for you in terms of jokes and sounds because of what happened in South Carolina," Stewart told the audience at the beginning of the program.Read more

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  8. Jon Stewart Can't Stop Replaying Donald Trump's Campaign Announcement: "It Was Real"

    4:48 am 6/18/2015

    Trade agreements just aren't as much fun as listening to the real estate kingpin sing his own praises.Read more

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  9. Jon Stewart Rejoices at Donald Trump Presidential Campaign: "There's a Crazy Person Running"

    4:00 am 6/17/2015

    "Thank you, Donald Trump, for making my last six weeks, my best six weeks," the 'Daily Show' host said of the comedy potential of the 2016 hopeful.Read more

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  10. Jon Stewart Mocks Media Reaction to Rachel Dolezal: "A German Lady Got a Weave"

    1:29 am 6/16/2015

    "Czech, Swedish and German is really f—ing white," Stewart said of Dolezal's ancestral background.Read more

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