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The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

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  1. 'Hasan Minhaj: Homecoming King': Theater Review

    7:00 pm 10/23/2015

    The 'Daily Show' correspondent performs a one-man show in which he recounts his experiences as a first-generation Indian-American. Read more

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  2. Jon Stewart Loving Post-'Daily Show' Life: "He's The Mayor of the Smoothie Store"

    12:10 pm 10/22/2015

    Stewart looks more relaxed than ever, but retirement hasn't softened his wit.Read more

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  3. Trevor Noah Talks 'Star Wars VII' Boycott: "Stop Complaining, Racists"

    7:19 am 10/21/2015

    "You had your Star Wars movie already," said Noah before flashing a photo of Jar Jar Binks, the 'Phantom Menace' character that upset viewers for its racist implications.Read more

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  4. Trevor Noah Questions Republicans' "Comic Book Collector" Pro-Life Stance on Abortion, Gun Control

    6:59 am 10/6/2015

    "Right now, they’re more like comic book collectors. Human life only holds value until you take it out of the package, and then it’s worth nothing."Read more

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  5. Trevor Noah Grills Chris Christie on Immigration Reform Policies During First Political Interview

    8:20 am 10/1/2015

    The New Jersey governor said his pricey plan to track tourists and students using fingerprints "is a lot less expensive than [Donald Trump's] 2,000-mile wall across the entire southern border."Read more

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  6. Trevor Noah Mocks Hillary Clinton for Pandering to Millennials with Lena Dunham

    8:37 am 9/30/2015

    "If you can’t get excited, be pragmatic and do it anyway."Read more

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  7. 'The Daily Show With Trevor Noah': TV Review

    9:56 pm 9/28/2015

    The new 'Daily Show' host honors Jon Stewart and makes few night-one changes.Read more

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  8. New Enemies, Web Headlines and Ebola Jokes? 9 Things to Expect on Trevor Noah's 'Daily Show'

    10:31 am 9/28/2015

    "You shouldn’t say, 'I'm not gonna listen to that kid even though he's speaking the truth,' " he said of those who think he's unqualified to take over for Jon Stewart. "Truth is truth, regardless of who is saying it."Read more

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  9. Trevor Noah Talks Donald Trump, Admiring Rand Paul and Picking First 'Daily Show' Guests

    9:59 am 9/25/2015

    "[Donald Trump] doesn’t say much, and really what we're doing is enjoying the spectacle of it all," explained Noah before his Monday debut. "At some point, our indulgence may come back to bite us."Read more

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  10. Trevor Noah Loses His Cool As He Prepares to Take Over 'The Daily Show': "My Mind Is Like the Syrian Crisis"

    8:08 am 9/23/2015

    In two new interviews, Noah reveals his feelings about next week's relaunch, diversity in late night and being a low draft pick for the Comedy Central show.Read more

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