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  1. 'Empire': Mo'Nique Says She Was First Choice to Play Cookie, Danny Strong Responds

    6:03 am 3/5/2015

    The 'Empire' co-creator is #SettingRecordStraight.Read more

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  2. 'Empire': Pros and Cons of Watching the Hit Fox Series (Video)

    4:00 am 3/5/2015

    Should you watch TV's buzziest show? Here's how you can find out.Read more

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  3. TV Ratings: 'Empire' Won't Stop Getting Bigger, Hits Eighth Week of Growth

    10:35 pm 3/4/2015

    The Fox drama's ratings improvement won't stall as it heads toward ending the season as broadcast's top series.Read more

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  4. 'Empire's' Trai Byers on Andre's Breakdown, Relationship With Jennifer Hudson

    7:00 pm 3/4/2015

    "He's very much a prisoner to the disorder and all that it does to him spiritually, mentally and physically," the actor tells THR.Read more

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  5. 'Empire': Watch Jamal Stand Up to Lucious (Exclusive Video)

    7:00 am 3/3/2015

    "I don't want them at my company, and neither should you," Jamal says to Lucious in this week's episode.Read more

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  6. Estelle to "Conquer" Fox's 'Empire' With Jussie Smollett Duet (Exclusive Song)

    11:00 am 3/2/2015

    The Grammy winner talks with THR about her acting turn on Fox's hip-hop drama.Read more

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  7. 'Empire's' Jussie Smollett Breaks Down Jamal's Coming Out

    7:00 pm 2/25/2015

    "He's walking his truth right now, and he's walking it the way he wants to walk it," the actor told THR.Read more

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  8. Why Isn't 'Empire's' Music Topping the Billboard Charts?

    12:00 pm 2/25/2015

    Fox's 'Glee' was a big player in its heyday, but network execs are still hoping 'Empire' — which has been a ratings juggernaut — turns into a multiplatform success.Read more

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  9. Diverse Casts Deliver Higher Ratings, Bigger Box Office: Study (Exclusive)

    6:00 am 2/25/2015

    Audiences want more ethnic representation, a new UCLA study shows, with agencies, studios and networks lagging behind, entrenched in "an industry culture that routinely devalues the talent of minorities and women."Read more

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  10. Mo'Nique: I Was "Blackballed" After Winning My Oscar

    9:00 am 2/19/2015

    The 2010 best supporting actress winner for 'Precious' — who refused to campaign for her award — says she was told by her director Lee Daniels that the perception is she's "difficult" and "tacky," and she's lost out on several roles as a result.Read more

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