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Game of Thrones

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  1. 'Game of Thrones' Writer: Sunday's Episode 'Most Difficult' I've Ever Done

    11:00 am 4/25/2014

    Bryan Cogman teases that one of the aspirants to the Iron Throne will have the opportunity to decide what kind of leader they'd like to become.Read more

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  2. 'Game of Thrones': Who's Ahead Going Into Episode 4?

    11:00 am 4/25/2014

    It's Tywin vs. the Tyrells as the major players for HBO's hit scramble to control the Iron Throne.Read more

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  3. Holy Mashup! 'Game of Thrones' Theme Meets Israel's National Anthem (Audio)

    2:30 am 4/25/2014

    Israeli singer-songwriter Michael Greilsammer pays homage to the HBO show and his home country in a just-released video.Read more

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  4. 'Game of Thrones': 8 Hints About What Comes Next (Video)

    5:12 pm 4/22/2014

    Is Tyrion guilty or innocent? Will Jaime go to battle? And how many slaves will join Daenerys' cause?Read more

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  5. 'Game of Thrones': Jaime's Worst Sins and Greatest Deeds (Photos)

    7:00 pm 4/20/2014

    Is the Kingslayer a man or a monster? THR and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau break down the good and bad -- from attempted child murder to saving hundreds of thousands from death by fire.Read more

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  6. 'Game of Thrones' Recap: Jaime Takes Incest to Disturbing Next Level

    7:00 pm 4/20/2014

    Tywin and Tyrion react very differently to the Purple Wedding, while Daenerys makes her first big move of the season.Read more

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  7. 'Game of Thrones' Director on Controversial Scene: Jaime 'Traumatized,' Cersei 'a Wreck' (Q&A)

    9:13 pm 4/19/2014

    Alex Graves tells THR he did a double take when learning he would be overseeing Sunday's disturbing incest moment: "You read the scene and go, 'Wait, who's directing this?' "Read more

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  8. 'Game of Thrones' Director: 'Everything Takes a Turn' in Sunday's Episode

    9:30 am 4/19/2014

    Alex Graves tells THR the aftermath of the Purple Wedding will have a big impact on the HBO hit and teases "one of the best speeches in the series" is ahead.Read more

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  9. 'Game of Thrones' Preview: 10 Clues For Next Week's Episode (Video)

    4:47 pm 4/15/2014

    Tyrion is in trouble, Daenerys declares war and Margaery totally isn't sorry about a major death as the fallout from Sunday's episode continues.Read more

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  10. 'Game of Thrones' Purple Wedding Episode Breaks Piracy Record

    6:48 am 4/15/2014

    The shocking episode, which aired on Sunday, triggered the largest-ever BitTorrent swarm -- a record previously held by the show's own season-three finale.Read more

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