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Happy Endings

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  1. What's on the Menu in the Writers Rooms

    9:00 am 11/22/2012

    A look at the most popular eats for five top shows, from "Happy Endings"' fondness for Joan's on Third to "The Mindy Project's" yen for Krua Thai.Read more

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  2. TV Stars Reveal Their Most Horrifying Audition Stories at THR's Next Gen 2012 Event (Video)

    4:32 pm 11/8/2012

    Dakota Johnson, Taylor Kinney and the cast of "Happy Endings" share their favorite failed tryouts involving boozing, dancing and stripping. Read more

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  3. 'Happy Endings' Cast Shows Off the Seedy Underbelly of ABC Comedy's Set (Video)

    6:16 pm 10/22/2012

    Eliza Coupe, Damon Wayans Jr., Zach Knighton and Elisha Cuthbert take THR on a slightly censored tour of their characters' respective apartments, where all of the fictional magic happens.Read more

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  4. THR Sets: On Set with 'Happy Endings' Zachary Knight, Elisha Cuthbert, Damon Wayans Jr., Eliza Coupe

    4:58 pm 10/22/2012

    Zachery Knighton and Elisha Cuthbert give us a tour of Dave Rose's house and Zachery reveals some intimate details about his character. Plus Damon Wayans Jr. and Eliza Coupe give a very x-rated look inside their house on the set of ABC's 'Happy Endings'. Read more

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  5. 'Happy Endings' Stars Offer a Guided Tour of Their Hopelessly Geeky Bachelor Pads (Video)

    9:21 am 10/22/2012

    Adam Pally and Casey Wilson walk THR through their characters' apartments, examining the set designers' not-so-subtle suggestions (a small Weight Watchers library) and talking through the more confusing touches -- like the movie poster for "Short Circuit 2."Read more

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  6. THR Sets: On Set with 'Happy Endings' Casey Wilson, Adam Pally

    3:57 pm 10/19/2012

    Casey Wilson and Adam Pally give us a unique glimpse in to the set of their ABC sitcom. From Casey's childhood photos supplied by her father to a 'Short Circuit 2' poster that can be found in Max's apartment, we get a look behind the scenes of the Chicago-set comedy. Read more

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  7. 'Apartment 23' Sets Romantic 'Happy Endings' Crossover

    11:44 pm 10/16/2012

    The second-year comedy will tip its hat to it's new ABC Tuesday night lead-in with a romantic plot point for Krysten Ritter's character. Read more

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  8. 'Happy Endings' Catchphrases Get Auto Tune Treatment (Video)

    4:41 pm 10/11/2012

    Just in time for season three, a lively tribute sets the show's quotables to song -- and there's not an "uh-mazing" among them.Read more

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  9. Showrunners 2012: 'Happy Endings' David Caspe, Jonathan Groff and Josh Bycel

    8:00 am 10/3/2012

    "The show that I love that I did not think I would love is 'Revenge,'" Josh Bycel says. "I don’t think Adam Pally has actually watched it, but he gets a lot of 'Revenge' jokes on the show. I think we even put one in again this year."Read more

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  10. 'Happy Endings' Casts Elisha Cuthbert, Eliza Coupe's Onscreen Parents

    5:48 pm 9/13/2012

    The oft-referenced Mr. and Mrs. Kerkovich will make their debut in the ABC comedy's upcoming third season.Read more

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