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  1. 'The Bachelor' Nick Viall and Winner Say They’re Still "Figuring Out" Living Situation

    4:57 am 3/14/2017

    Franchise four-timer Nick Viall finally got engaged on Monday’s finale of the ABC reality series, 'The Bachelor.'Read more

  2. Jimmy Kimmel Returns to Court as Judge James

    9:29 am 3/10/2017

    "I've seen more personality in a can of Campbell's soup," said Kimmel.Read more

  3. How Late-Night Hosts Celebrated International Women's Day

    4:11 pm 3/8/2017

    Samantha Bee made clear that her show barely runs without women and Trevor Noah highlighted some of Trump's harshest tweets aimed at the fairer sex.Read more

  4. Late-Night Hosts Mock Jason Chaffetz's iPhone vs. Healthcare Comments

    11:51 am 3/8/2017

    The Republicans' Obamacare replacement was a hot topic on the Tuesday evening talk shows.Read more

  5. George W. Bush Can't Remember Whether He or 'SNL' Came Up With "Strategery"

    6:37 am 3/3/2017

    The former president recalls a funny conversation he had with Lorne Michaels about Will Ferrell's impression of him.Read more

  6. Jimmy Kimmel Hosts "Trump-Free Tuesday"

    7:35 pm 2/28/2017

    Rule: Nobody can say "the name of the orange-colored man with the Russian boyfriend."Read more

  7. Late-Night Hosts Joke About the Oscars Mix-up

    8:48 pm 2/27/2017

    "That is so uncomfortable to watch," Stephen Colbert joked. "It's like watching 'Titanic,' except 'Titanic' actually won best picture."Read more

  8. Viola Davis Fears Being an Oscar Favorite and Then Losing

    8:58 am 2/17/2017

    "It's like falling from a 100-story building. As opposed to, if you know you're losing, it's like falling from a one-story building."Read more

  9. Jimmy Kimmel Unveils Valentine's Day Cards Inspired by Trump Administration

    10:02 am 2/14/2017

    A card with a picture of Kellyanne Conway reads, "My love for you is as real as the Bowling Green Massacre."Read more

  10. Matt Damon Claims He's the Father of Jimmy Kimmel's Baby in Fake 'Maury' Segment

    6:56 am 2/14/2017

    “I’m the father, Jimmy. The truth will set you free,” said Damon. Read more

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