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Last Week Tonight With John Oliver

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  1. John Oliver Reveals New '101 Favorite History Lies' Book

    7:42 am 8/31/2015

    "Trust nobody, especially me."Read more

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  2. John Oliver's Church Received "Thousands of Dollars," Seeds and Beef Jerky

    8:12 am 8/24/2015

    "The more money you send in, the more blessings will be returned to you. And that is still something I’m — amazingly — legally allowed to say."Read more

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  3. John Oliver Emphasizes Need for LGBT Anti-Discrimination Laws

    6:35 am 8/24/2015

    "The Constitution isn't the star in Super Mario Brothers. It doesn't make you invincible so you can just do whatever the f—k you want."Read more

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  4. John Oliver Starts His Own Church to Expose "Predatory" Televangelists

    6:41 am 8/17/2015

    "You'd be better off burying your money in the actual ground."Read more

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  5. Watch John Oliver Sing for Washington D.C.'s Statehood on 'Last Week Tonight'

    5:45 am 8/3/2015

    "And if you're totally convinced that there should be just fifty states, well then let's all kick out Florida 'cause no one thinks they're great."Read more

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  6. John Oliver: Mandatory Minimum Sentencing Laws "Do More Harm Than Good"

    6:50 am 7/27/2015

    "Ridiculously long sentences are not a great deterrent to crime. Prison sentences are a lot like penises: if they're used correctly, even a short one can do the trick."Read more

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  7. John Oliver Calls Donald Trump an "Asshole" in Segment on Food Waste

    5:56 am 7/20/2015

    "Our produce aisles have become a lot like Leonardo DiCaprio's penis: exclusively accessible to the physically flawless."Read more

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  8. John Oliver Compares Whoopi Goldberg's Bill Cosby Defense to Backing Torture, Mel Gibson

    2:04 pm 7/13/2015

    Those are just some of the "surprising things" that Oliver's 'Last Week Tonight' showcased the 'View' co-host supporting.Read more

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  9. Watch John Oliver Deliver Epic Motivational Sports Drama Speech to Discourage Public Funding of Stadiums

    6:09 am 7/13/2015

    “Pretending you’re poor is wrong. It wasn’t okay when Mary-Kate Olsen went through her hobo phase, and it’s not okay now!”Read more

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  10. John Oliver Tackles 15 Topics in One Minute Including Orgies, Bagels and Conspiracy Theories

    7:15 am 7/6/2015

    He also talks about animals, banjos, subtitles and a special link between Al Roker and Lenny Kravitz.Read more

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