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Last Week Tonight With John Oliver

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  1. John Oliver: Trump Impeachment is a "Long Shot"

    6:39 am 5/22/2017

    "The likelihood is that Trump will survive this and continue as president, which shouldn’t really be a surprise to anyone."Read more

  2. John Oliver Calls on Congress to Stop Trump, Comparing President to Misbehaving Little Boy

    10:39 am 5/15/2017

    The 'Last Week Tonight' host weighed in on the firing of FBI director James Comey.Read more

  3. John Oliver Asks Viewers to Flood FCC's Website in Fight for Net Neutrality

    6:31 am 5/8/2017

    The 'Last Week Tonight' host bought the website GoFCCYourself.com to aid the effort.Read more

  4. John Oliver Warns People Against Trusting Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner

    8:04 am 4/24/2017

    "If they are the reason you are sleeping at night, you should probably still be awake," the 'Last Week Tonight' host said in an extended look at the president's daughter and her husband.Read more

  5. 'This Is Us,' John Oliver's 'Last Week Tonight' Among TV Academy Honorees

    6:54 am 4/12/2017

    'The Night Of,' 'Speechless,' 'Before the Flood' and 'We Will Rise: Michelle Obama’s Mission to Educate Girls Around the World' round out the programs recognized for the 10th annual event.Read more

  6. John Oliver Tries to Buy Ads on 'O'Reilly Factor' to Educate Trump on Sexual Harassment

    8:04 am 4/10/2017

    “And if you’ve got a friend who was accused of something like that over and over again, I might think twice about defending him, because that just contributes to a culture where women don’t want to come forward," Oliver's trusty ad friend Catheter Cowboy said in the spot 'Last Week Tonight' submitted to Fox stations.Read more

  7. John Oliver Tackles Devin Nunes, Explains How "Stupid Watergate" Has Gotten Worse

    9:01 am 4/3/2017

    "What Nunes brought to light has turned out to be a bunch of smoke and mirrors as convoluted as it is pointless — truly, it is the 'Now You See Me' of revelations."Read more

  8. John Oliver Compares GOP Healthcare Plan to 'Pirates of the Caribbean' Sequel

    8:45 am 3/13/2017

    "Think of it as the legislative equivalent of 'Pirates of the Caribbean 5: The Curse of Johnny Depp Getting Divorced and Needing the Money.'"Read more

  9. Trump Helps U.S. Late-Night Shows to Record Ratings in Canada, U.K.

    8:41 am 3/8/2017

    American chat shows aggressively skewering the president are enjoying a Trump bump in English-speaking TV markets. Read more

  10. John Oliver Criticizes Trump for "Stupid Watergate" Baseless Wiretap Claims

    8:11 am 3/6/2017

    “The relevant question isn’t so much 'What did the president know and when did he know it?' as it is 'Is the president physically capable of knowing things at all?'"Read more

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