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Last Week Tonight With John Oliver

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  1. Meet the Oldest Working Member of SAG

    9:00 am 4/23/2015

    Connie Sawyer — who appears in The Hollywood Reporter magazine's feature about the history and the future of beloved industry retirement community the MPTF Country House — has appeared in everything from 1979's 'Fast Break' with Gabe Kaplan to Showtime's 'Ray Donovan,' which she "loved": "My son was a hitman, and I really got to cuss."Read more

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  2. Watch John Oliver's 'Doomsday' Video With Martin Sheen, Cat Videos and a "Sick Basketball Shot"

    6:34 am 4/20/2015

    "Let's take these last few moments to celebrate humanity's greatest times on Earth," like Segways, peanut butter, water slides, "Hammer time" and that video of Kelsey Grammer falling off the stage.Read more

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  3. John Oliver Defends IRS With One Direction Jokes, Michael Bolton Performance (Video)

    7:32 am 4/13/2015

    "Think of our government as a body. The IRS is the anus — it's nobody's favorite part, but you need that thing working properly or else everything goes to shit."Read more

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  4. John Oliver Hates April Fools' Day, Says It's for Sociopaths (Video)

    5:13 am 3/30/2015

    "Isn't betrayal fun?"Read more

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  5. 'Last Week Tonight' Talks Inability to Pay Speeding Tickets: "Buckle Yourself or Go F—kle Yourself"

    9:58 am 3/23/2015

    "The only people who should be that excited about people waiting in line to hand over too much money are Apple executives."Read more

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  6. John Oliver Rips Apart NCAA for Not Paying College Athletes

    8:19 am 3/16/2015

    The 'Last Week Tonight' host introduces the authentic "March Sadness" video game.Read more

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  7. John Oliver Defends Voting Rights for U.S. Territories (Video)

    11:00 am 3/9/2015

    "Imagine how it must feel to have the desire to vote but know deep down you're going to be ignored."Read more

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  8. John Oliver Mocks Daylight Saving Time, Reveals True Origin

    6:42 am 3/9/2015

    Hint: It has nothing to do with farmers.Read more

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  9. Watch 'Last Week Tonight's' Infrastructure Trailer With Edward Norton, Steve Buscemi (Video)

    9:26 am 3/2/2015

    "The problem is, no one has made a blockbuster movie about the importance of routine maintenance and repair — or they hadn't, until now."Read more

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  10. Philip Morris to John Oliver: Give Us a Break, We're Trying Our Best

    3:30 pm 2/17/2015

    "While we recognize the tobacco industry is an easy target for comedians, we take seriously the responsibility that comes with selling a product that is an adult choice and is harmful to health."Read more

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