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Last Week Tonight With John Oliver

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  1. John Oliver Compares Hillary Clinton's and Donald Trump's Scandals Using Raisins

    8:19 am 9/26/2016

    Oliver called Trump "an unambiguously racist scarecrow stuffed with scrunched up copies of 'Juggs Magazine.'"Read more

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  2. Stephen Colbert and John Oliver to Take Part in Post-Election Talk to Benefit Montclair Film Festival

    8:08 pm 9/22/2016

    The 'Daily Show' alums will assess the recently concluded presidential race in an event entitled "Wow, That Was Weird."Read more

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  3. Emmys: John Oliver Wins Best Variety Talk Series for 'Last Week Tonight'

    6:58 pm 9/18/2016

    Emmys: John Oliver Wins Best Variety Talk Series for 'Last Week Tonight'Read more

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  4. John Oliver Shares His Absolute Hatred of Birds in 'Last Week Tonight' Online Segment

    7:57 am 9/12/2016

    "I hope each and every one of you flies into a wind turbine on your way north next spring," the HBO host said of the winged creatures, whom he also called "disgusting sky mice."Read more

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  5. John Oliver Urges Donald Trump to Drop Out, Claims Doing So Would Make Him a "Legend"

    7:14 am 8/22/2016

    The 'Last Week Tonight' opening credits paid tribute to Oliver's fellow 'Daily Show' alum Larry Wilmore, whose 'Nightly Show' was canceled by Comedy Central last week.Read more

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  6. John Oliver Criticizes Donald Trump's Troubling Comments, "Douchebag Apology"

    8:13 am 8/15/2016

    "He’s like the guy drowning but waving off a lifeboat, saying, 'Get out of here, I'm very buoyant. I'm the most buoyant.'"Read more

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  7. John Oliver Takes on Print Journalism Woes With Fake Trailer Featuring Jason Sudeikis, Rose Byrne, Bobby Cannavale

    11:02 am 8/8/2016

    Before promoting 'Stoplight,' a movie about life at a digital-first publication, Oliver also mocks Tribune Publishing's new "Tronc" moniker.Read more

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  8. John Oliver Calls RNC a "Mismanaged S—tshow" That Emphasized Feelings Over Facts

    5:49 am 7/25/2016

    "He just brought a feeling to a f—ing fact fight."Read more

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  9. Usher, Sheryl Crow and Others Sing "Don't Use Our Song" on 'Last Week Tonight'

    3:52 am 7/25/2016

    John Oliver cobbled together a disparate group of musicians to record the song exhorting politicians to stop using their music without permission on the campaign trail. Read more

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  10. John Oliver Reveals His Endorsements (Outside the Presidential Election)

    7:26 am 7/18/2016

    For example, animals wearing people clothes: "You are charming and a wholesome delight, unlike people wearing animal clothes, which is generally a specific sex thing."Read more

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