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Last Week Tonight With John Oliver

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  1. John Oliver's Wife Rapped With LL Cool J at an Airport Baggage Claim

    9:45 am 1/28/2016

    The 'Last Week Tonight' host recalls how the two did an impromptu duet of "Doin It" at La Guardia.Read more

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  2. 'Last Week Tonight' Promo: John Oliver Responds to Critics Like Donald Trump, Cher

    12:21 pm 1/15/2016

    "I want to push back on [Trump calling it 'boring'], but I have been bored by this show."Read more

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  3. John Oliver Explains How to Revise New Year's Resolutions After Inevitably Not Keeping Them

    5:44 am 1/4/2016

    "The key to a successful resolution is not hard work; it's managing disappointment — and that's it."Read more

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  4. Watch John Oliver Outline Top Regifting Strategies for the Holidays

    6:22 am 12/14/2015

    "Gift bags are the sweatpants of gift wrapping: Sure, it’s lazy, but it’s undeniably better than not putting on anything at all."Read more

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  5. John Oliver Mocks Politicians Asking for Stricter Syrian Refugee Vetting Process, Suggests Pie-Eating Contest

    7:52 am 11/23/2015

    "Every generation has had its own ugly reaction to refugees."Read more

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  6. John Oliver Exposes Daily Fantasy Sports Ads with Seth Rogen, Mike Birbiglia, Kathryn Hahn

    5:59 am 11/16/2015

    "It’s the same as seasonal fantasy the way a nice mug of tea is the same as a nice baggy of heroin: both give you a lovely warm feeling, one is a little more intense."Read more

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  7. John Oliver, Wife Welcome Baby Boy

    2:09 pm 11/12/2015

    The 'Last Week Tonight' host is now a dad.Read more

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  8. John Oliver Makes Charlie Rose Blush: "He's Covering His Face Like a Bashful French Girl!"

    8:24 am 10/30/2015

    Oliver appeared on CBS This Morning to talk politics, his influence on policy and to tease the hosts about their "awkward sex talk."Read more

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  9. Mike Myers, John Oliver Slam Canadian Prime Minister for "Pandering to Islamophobes"

    6:15 am 10/19/2015

    In doing so, Oliver simultaneously broke Canadian law and poked fun at Kanye West's comments of George W. Bush in 2005.Read more

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  10. John Oliver Highlights ISIS' Use of Toyota Cars as "Instruments of Death"

    5:28 am 10/12/2015

    He joked of potential ISIS-owned dealerships, "'Come on down to ISIS Toyota — our salesmen are terrorists you can negotiate with!'"Read more

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