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Late Night With Seth Meyers

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  1. Seth Meyers Spoofs Beyonce's 'Lemonade' Effect in 'Late Night' Offices

    7:57 am 4/29/2016

    The episode also featured an appearance by Iggy Azalea, who helped Meyers decipher some of the latest teen slang.Read more

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  2. Seth Meyers Reveals Baby's Name on 'Late Night'

    2:50 pm 3/29/2016

    The NBC host and his wife welcomed a new baby boy on Easter Sunday. Read more

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  3. Keri Russell Warns Her Younger Self Not to Get That 'Felicity' Haircut on 'Late Night'

    6:53 am 3/24/2016

    "On your 18th birthday, the prince of darkness, Satan, will offer you eternal youth in exchange for your soul," said John Stamos. "You take that deal."Read more

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  4. Henry Cavill Equipped His 'Batman v. Superman' Suit With a "Conspicuous Zipper" to Use the Bathroom

    6:07 am 3/23/2016

    "Donald Trump is rooting for Batman because you're an illegal alien, Bernie Sanders rooting for Superman because Batman's one of the billionaires."Read more

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  5. 'Mad Max: Fury Road': Seth Meyers Suggests Environment-Friendly Solutions in New Spoof

    6:20 am 3/1/2016

    "It feels a little silly and, if I'm being honest, very irresponsible that whenever we go to get gasoline, we drive a fleet of muscle cars that literally shoot out fire."Read more

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  6. Seth Meyers Brings Melisandre of 'Game of Thrones' to a Baby Shower

    6:26 am 2/19/2016

    Amidst gifting the child with "a rattle sword," baring her chest for Meyers and setting another guest on fire, she advises, "Clutch your child close to your breast, woman, for the night is dark and full of terrors."Read more

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  7. Anthony Anderson Backs Up Samuel L. Jackson's Claim That Donald Trump Cheated at Golf

    7:08 am 2/17/2016

    "Trump is a great golfer. I'm not going to say Trump cheats. His caddy cheats for him."Read more

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  8. Stephen Colbert, Samantha Bee, Seth Meyers Take On Botched GOP Debate Intro

    11:01 am 2/9/2016

    The late-night hosts couldn't help but poke fun at the candidates failing "the important presidential test of, 'Can you walk successfully to a podium?'"Read more

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  9. Adam McKay Prank Called Lorne Michaels Pretending to be Joe Torre

    7:59 am 1/26/2016

    The former 'SNL' head writer who recently directed 'The Big Short' said he got tired of waiting for Michaels to choose which sketches would be in the show.Read more

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  10. NBC Extends Seth Meyers' Contract Through 2021

    9:19 am 1/13/2016

    The 'Late Night' host will also host a primetime special on New Year's Eve highlighting the current events and big news stories of 2016. Read more

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