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Late Night With Seth Meyers

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  1. Seth Meyers Reflects on Working With Garry Marshall on 'New Year's Eve'

    10:20 am 7/21/2016

    The 'Late Night' host revealed how a conversation with the producer-director led to him being cast in the 2011 ensemble rom-com.Read more

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  2. Seth Meyers, Stephen Colbert, Trevor Noah Take on Chris Christie, Ted Cruz at RNC

    3:33 pm 7/20/2016

    "Why get caught up in discussing an issue when you can reduce it to three syllables? 'Build a wall.' 'Lock her up.' Or if that's too complicated for you, 'Trump, Trump, Trump.'"Read more

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  3. Kristen Wiig and Seth Meyers Apologize for Not Using a Coaster, Stolen Headphones, More Transgressions

    7:18 am 7/15/2016

    The two friends and former 'SNL' co-stars worked on "clearing the air" and making amends for "past indiscretions."Read more

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  4. Bill O'Reilly Defends Roger Ailes, Says Martin Luther King Wouldn't Have Been Involved With Black Lives Matter

    7:21 am 7/14/2016

    "I stand behind Roger 100 percent," the Fox News personality says. Read more

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  5. Seth Meyers on Standing vs. Sitting Down and Being Wrong About Donald Trump

    8:30 am 6/23/2016

    The 'Late Night' host talks about making changes on a rigorous nightly schedule.Read more

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  6. Seth Meyers Casts Bill Cosby, Ryan Gosling in Fake Donald Trump NBC Show 'Chicago President'

    8:29 am 6/23/2016

    Rosie O'Donnell is cast as ISIS, says Meyers.Read more

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  7. Seth Meyers Jokes About Republicans Dodging Donald Trump

    8:12 am 6/21/2016

    'Late Night' guest Daniel Radcliffe also talked Trump, recalling the advice the presumptive GOP presidential nominee gave him when he was 11.Read more

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  8. Seth Meyers on His Orlando Shooting Response, 'Late Night' Changes

    9:22 pm 6/15/2016

    "Everything we figured out in those first three weeks [before the show premiered] didn't work, and we only knew it didn't work from doing the show."Read more

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  9. Stephen Colbert Draws Swastika While Discussing Donald Trump's Reasoning, Seth Meyers Bans Him From 'Late Night'

    7:55 am 6/15/2016

    "Trump is stoking fear and spreading hate and this is important. We can’t become immune to it. We cannot allow it to become normalized," Meyers said. Read more

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  10. 'Awards Chatter' Podcast — Seth Meyers ('Late Night With Seth Meyers')

    8:14 am 6/11/2016

    NBC's 42-year-old veteran, who was at 'SNL' longer than all but one other castmember in its history, says writing was his "key to survival" at the fabled sketch show and that he left it very reluctantly, but he's grown to love the 'consistency' of late-night talk.Read more

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