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  1. Bernie Sanders Tells Stephen Colbert Why He's Not Dropping Out of the Presidential Race

    4:52 pm 6/22/2016

    "We do not want a bigot to become the president of the United States of America," he told 'The Late Show' of a possible Donald Trump presidency.Read more

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  2. Aubrey Plaza Recounts Meeting Donald Trump While Dressed Like a British Elf

    8:29 am 6/22/2016

    She said things would have gone differently if she had known how he'd be as a politician.Read more

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  3. Stephen Colbert Blasts Senate Over Failed Gun Control Legislation

    7:27 am 6/22/2016

    "My dog accomplished more than you this week, when it rolled over and licked its nuts."Read more

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  4. Stephen Colbert and Scott Bakula Try to Change Donald Trump's Future in "Quantum Leap" Sketch

    8:52 am 6/16/2016

    They accidentally make the real-estate mogul the pope.Read more

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  5. Stephen Colbert Draws Swastika While Discussing Donald Trump's Reasoning, Seth Meyers Bans Him From 'Late Night'

    7:55 am 6/15/2016

    "Trump is stoking fear and spreading hate and this is important. We can’t become immune to it. We cannot allow it to become normalized," Meyers said. Read more

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  6. Bill O’Reilly Says Trump's Orlando Tweet Is a "Political Response" to "Bolster His Popularity"

    8:10 pm 6/13/2016

    "He's using this terrorism issue to bolster his popularity," the 'The O’Reilly Factor' host told Stephen Colbert on 'Late Show.'Read more

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  7. Bill O'Reilly, Stephen Colbert Compare Trump, Clinton Reactions to Orlando Shooting

    7:48 pm 6/13/2016

    Read more

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  8. James Corden on Replacing Stephen Colbert: "Never Gonna Happen"

    11:06 am 6/7/2016

    'The 'Late Late Show' host added that Colbert's 'Late Show' "is working" as Howard Stern needled Corden about whether he'd take the 'Late Show' job if it were offered to him.Read more

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  9. Stephen Colbert Pokes Fun at Trump-Led RNC With Monster Truck Rally-Type Ad

    8:13 am 5/20/2016

    "There's going to be yelling, angry white men, hats with words on them!"Read more

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  10. Stephen Colbert Teaches Kids About Worrisome Presidential Election

    7:11 am 5/19/2016

    "The anger, the fighting, the all-around Trump-iness of this race has created an interesting problem for parents and teachers who want to educate their kids about democracy."Read more

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