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The Late Show

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  1. Joe Biden Addresses Possible 2020 Presidential Run on 'The Late Show': "Never Say Never"

    4:14 pm 12/6/2016

    The Vice President also joined host Stephen Colbert for a "family meeting" for some good old-fashioned dad talk.Read more

  2. Late-Night Hosts Mock Mitt Romney's Dinner With Donald Trump

    7:47 am 12/1/2016

    "I know he ordered the frog, but it looks like he's eating crow," Colbert said of Romney.Read more

  3. Stephen Colbert Pretends to Be a Butterball Turkey Expert, Confusion Ensues

    6:54 am 11/23/2016

    "Does it sound like a rock when you hit it with a spoon or does it sound like you're spanking a lover?"Read more

  4. Amy Adams Lets Her Face Do the Acting in "Eyebrow Theater" With Stephen Colbert

    6:37 am 11/18/2016

    What if all of the people on 'Game of Thrones' are robots?Read more

  5. Stephen Colbert Doesn't Believe Donald Trump Is Tweeting to Relieve Pressure

    8:03 am 11/17/2016

    "Is this really how we're going to treat the commander-in-chief? 'He likes it. It's fun. Let him play with the button; it calms him down.'"Read more

  6. Stephen Colbert Begs Donald Trump to Govern From White House, Not New York

    8:07 am 11/16/2016

    "This is the first president who considers living in the White House slumming it."Read more

  7. Bernie Sanders Brings His Revolution to 'Late Show': "We're Going to Stand Together and Fight"

    7:53 am 11/15/2016

    "When millions of people stand up and fight back, we will not be denied," said Sanders, who used his visit with Stephen Colbert to rally against the bigotry of Trump's campaign and a GOP that favors "billionaires buying elections." Read more

  8. Stephen Colbert Jokes About Donald Trump Receiving Trojan Horse From Putin in Recut '60 Minutes' Interview

    6:41 am 11/15/2016

    "I converted my panic room into a 'let's give him a chance' room," the 'Late Show' host joked in his monologue.Read more

  9. Late-Night Hosts Send Hopeful Messages in Somber Post-Election Shows

    5:00 pm 11/9/2016

    Conan O'Brien, Seth Meyers and Samantha Bee hosted their shows with a more serious tone Wednesday. Read more

  10. Jon Stewart Joins Stephen Colbert on 'The Late Show' for One Last Plea to Voters

    7:02 pm 11/7/2016

    Stewart was shocked Trump is still running his campaign: "That angry tax- and draft-dodging little orange groundhog is running for President?” Read more

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