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  1. Stephen Colbert Brings Back 'Colbert Report' Alter-Ego to Dissect Trump's Budget Plan

    9:03 pm 3/20/2017

    'The Late Show' host's conservative persona was onhand to discuss the president's recently proposed budget plan, which would cut funding to programs like Meals on Wheels.Read more

  2. Stephen Colbert Brutally Mocks Rachel Maddow's Lengthy Trump Tax Form Tease

    8:15 pm 3/15/2017

    'The Late Show' host teased the punchline to an exclusive joke about President Donald Trump for nearly three minutes while dressed as the MSNBC host.Read more

  3. 'GMA,' 'Today,' 'CBS This Morning' Anchors Brave NYC Snowstorm

    7:09 am 3/14/2017

    The co-hosts of the network programs all seemed to make it to the studio Tuesday morning, but it was unlikely that local fans could watch them on TV, as the national shows were pre-empted by local weather coverage.Read more

  4. Late-Night Hosts Tease Kellyanne Conway for Microwave Wiretapping Comments

    7:00 am 3/14/2017

    "President Obama, I miss you," Stephen Colbert whispered into the microwave.Read more

  5. 'The Circus' Hosts Mark Halperin and John Heilemann Talk Trump Presidency, Obamacare

    9:46 am 3/9/2017

    In his monologue, Colbert joked about the Republicans' health care proposal.Read more

  6. How Late-Night Hosts Celebrated International Women's Day

    4:11 pm 3/8/2017

    Samantha Bee made clear that her show barely runs without women and Trevor Noah highlighted some of Trump's harshest tweets aimed at the fairer sex.Read more

  7. Late-Night Hosts Mock Jason Chaffetz's iPhone vs. Healthcare Comments

    11:51 am 3/8/2017

    The Republicans' Obamacare replacement was a hot topic on the Tuesday evening talk shows.Read more

  8. Late-Night Hosts Laugh at Trump's Wiretap Accusation Tweets

    7:19 am 3/7/2017

    "No one needs to spy on Donald Trump, you just need to follow him on Twitter."Read more

  9. Late-Night Hosts Criticize Jeff Sessions for "Volunteering to Lie" Under Oath

    10:45 am 3/3/2017

    "I’ve got some balloons right here, and I’m going to start blowing them up to celebrate the fact that Donald Trump finally has everything under control."Read more

  10. Seth Meyers and Stephen Colbert Mock Media for "Salivating" Over Trump's Address to Congress

    9:23 am 3/2/2017

    "Like a pair of pants, Trump tried on 'normal' and asked America, 'Does this make my ass look big?'"Read more

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