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Mad Men

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  1. 'Mad Men': How Will it End?

    9:00 am 5/14/2015

    A supercut of the recent talent on THR sharing how they think 'Mad Men' will end.Read more

  2. AMC Sister Networks Going Dark for 'Mad Men' Finale

    11:06 am 5/12/2015

    Don't plan on watching BBC America, IFC, Sundance or WE on Sunday, May 17, at 10 p.m.Read more

  3. 'Mad Men': Most Wanted Scene Partners

    8:50 am 5/12/2015

    "Lizzy [Elisabeth Moss] and I didn't get to work together too much, but we kind of embraced the small moments that we did. Sally and Peggy are two of my favorite characters." - Kiernan ShipkaRead more

  4. L.A. Screenings Preview: TV Niche Viewing Goes Global

    6:00 am 5/11/2015

    " 'CSI' opened doors for more American content ... around the world" — and now, as the annual event kicks off, serialized programming, especially via streaming, dominates the distribution landscape.Read more

  5. 'Mad Men' Takes a Bus Stop and Needs a Time Jump: Tim Goodman on What's Ahead in the Series Finale

    12:20 am 5/11/2015

    With one episode left, creator Matt Weiner wraps up some character stories and leaves open so much more.Read more

  6. 'Mad Men' Star Kevin Rahm Explains How Ted Chaough Became the Happiest Character on the Show

    10:03 am 5/8/2015

    What was Ted thinking when he watched Don leave McCann? "When I read it, it didn't seem like much, but Matt told me what it meant after the table read..."Read more

  7. 'Mad Men' Plane Crashes and Parachutes? Matthew Weiner Addresses Series Finale Theories

    10:01 am 5/8/2015

    He then jokingly shared what he called the final clip from the series finale. It's pretty juicy.Read more

  8. 'Mad Men': Did We Just Witness (or Miss) Don Draper's Last Face-to-Face Moments With Favorite Characters?

    2:17 am 5/5/2015

    With only two episodes left and Don on the road (to California?), he's a long way from characters that fans love. Will we see him say his goodbyes, or will the series opt for a more realistic approach to life going on?Read more

  9. 'Mad Men': Tim Goodman on Don's Knee-Jerk Plan, Joan's Sexism War and Shangri-La in "Lost Horizon"

    2:52 am 5/4/2015

    No way that Don Draper —who thrives on being the man with a plan, the man in charge, the creative core — could live out his days within the narrow, rat-maze hallways of McCann-Erickson.Read more

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