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Mad Men

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  1. 'Mad Men' Deconstruction: Ep. 3, 'Field Trip'

    12:33 am 4/28/2014

    Why is Don Draper the most focused and potentially happy person on "Mad Men" -- and was this episode merely a place holder? Let's ask Harry. Read more

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  2. 'Mad Men': Jay R. Ferguson on Being One Half of the Show's Most Platonic Relationship

    6:23 pm 4/25/2014

    The man behind Stan Rizzo (and his beard) talks about being pals with Peggy, what his fictional spinoff would entail and the difficulty of doing other work with his facial hair: "Unless one of the main characters is a homeless guy, then I'd be a frontrunner."Read more

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  3. 'Mad Men': Teyonah Parris on Dawn's Big Episode, Outlasting Don's Other Secretaries

    10:10 am 4/21/2014

    After a big turn in "A Day's Work," the actress tells THR about Dawn's lingering loyalty to Don, becoming the new Joan and her character's "Oh, this shouldn't be funny" moment in the break room. Read more

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  4. 'Mad Men' Deconstruction: Ep. 2, 'A Day's Work'

    10:59 pm 4/20/2014

    Don, Sally, deceit and the difficulty of trading a love life for a career.Read more

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  5. 'Girls on Men' Podcast, Season 7, Episode 2: Peggy's Bow Tie Sags and Joan Soars in Red

    9:09 pm 4/20/2014

    Episode two of "Mad Men" has us seeing Valentine's red at #pretapodcasts as we dissect the symbolism of some "cursed roses," a slowly unraveling necktie and the most meaningful "Mad Men" Valentines duo to date. Read more

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  6. 'Mad Men': Joel Murray on Freddy Rumsen's Return and His Unlikely Bond With Don Draper

    7:00 am 4/20/2014

    The actor tells THR about his big turn during the season 7 premiere, hoping for phone calls from Matthew Weiner, gourmet prop food and his time on the Chuck Lorre gravy train. Read more

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  7. TV Ratings: 'Mad Men' Gets Nearly 75 Percent Lift From First DVR Boost

    1:00 pm 4/18/2014

    The seventh-season premiere narrows the gap with last year's, as live-plus-3 data drives up its showing and the audience continues to be among TV's most affluent. Read more

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  8. TV Ratings: 'Mad Men' Takes a Hit in Return, Fetches 2.3 Million Viewers

    10:12 am 4/14/2014

    The final season gets off to a smaller start, shedding more than 1 million viewers and posting its lowest premiere ratings since the sophomore opener in 2008.Read more

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  9. 'Mad Men' Guest Neve Campbell Discusses Her Red-Eye With Don Draper, Airplane Etiquette

    11:00 pm 4/13/2014

    As the season premiere's surprise cameo, the actress tells THR about auditioning with showrunner Matthew Weiner and playing the first character turned down by TV's beloved lothario: "I wonder if I should be offended."Read more

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  10. 'Mad Men' Deconstruction: Ep. 1, 'Time Zones'

    8:00 pm 4/13/2014

    There was a lot to digest in a superb first hour of the seventh and final season, including Megan as Sharon Tate, that last scene with Don, Peggy's frustrations and Roger's strange trip.Read more

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