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  1. Whiteout: East Coast Blizzard Wreaks Havoc on BAFTAs, Grammys

    6:31 pm 2/7/2013

    The ASC Awards, Kids Emmys and Sci-Tech Oscars also are set for this weekend; meanwhile, at least one designer has already rescheduled a Fashion Week runway show.Read more

  2. Why It Doesn't Matter Whether You Like 'Community' -- or Tons of Other NBC Shows

    12:49 pm 2/7/2013

    What goes up ...Read more

  3. Why Even DVR Won't Save 'Smash' Ratings (Analysis)

    12:03 pm 2/6/2013

    The NBC drama would need an unprecedented surge (triple digits!) to salvage its catastrophic premiere.Read more

  4. Tim Goodman on TV's Newest Trend: 'Hate Watching'

    2:49 pm 2/5/2013

    Watching anything just to complain about its faults seems like a colossal waste of time -- and with so much great television, who has time to squander?Read more

  5. 'Smash' Showrunner Josh Safran on Season 2 Changes: 'I Wanted to Create New Stakes for Everybody'

    10:00 am 2/4/2013

    "It's very rare that you come into a show the second season as a showrunner and [are] able to have the hindsight that I have and ... go, 'What are some things that people liked, and what are some things that people didn't?'" he tells THR.Read more

  6. 'Smash's' Star-Struck Karen Gets a Wise Word From Jennifer Hudson (Exclusive Video)

    9:30 am 1/28/2013

    In an exclusive scene from the second-season premiere, the former "American Idol" finalist previews a life that could be around the corner for the "Bombshell" star.Read more

  7. 'Smash' EPs Address Changes to Season 2: More Music, Fewer Scarves (Video)

    3:27 pm 1/6/2013

    "First-season shows need time to find themselves … especially a show like 'Smash,' which has so many moving parts. To really figure out the mechanism is really difficult," Neil Meron tells reporters.Read more

  8. Is 'Smash' a Musical? Behind the Golden Globes Shocker

    11:33 am 12/14/2012

    So, is "Nashville" a musical?Read more

  9. Former 'Smash' Showrunner Reveals Why She Exited

    10:51 pm 11/27/2012

    In a new interview, Theresa Rebeck shared insight on the types of arguments she had with the network about specific characters: "There is this sort of sense that if you don’t f--- with the muse ... the muse will stand by you.”Read more

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