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South Park

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  1. Comic-Con: 'South Park' Won't Tackle Pokémon Go in Landmark Season 20

    4:21 pm 7/22/2016

    Creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker also revealed during their Friday panel that 'South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut' was originally meant to be a final chapter for the TV series as they believed they were going too far with the content in the movie.Read more

  2. When 'South Park' Skewered Pokemon the First Time It Was a Phenomenon

    11:19 am 7/12/2016

    Remembering "Chinpokomon."Read more

  3. 'South Park' Arms Everyone in Town for Season Finale

    10:56 pm 12/9/2015

    “We’re going to kill him with kindness, but instead of kindness, we’re going to use guns.”Read more

  4. 'South Park' Takes on Gun Control in Season Finale

    4:04 pm 12/7/2015

    "The citizens of South Park feel safer when armed."Read more

  5. 'South Park' to Tackle Elementary-Age Gay Crushes

    10:53 am 10/26/2015

    "Cartman, who struggles to understand his friends’ relationship, finds he has an admirer of his own."Read more

  6. 'South Park' Compares Yelp Reviewers to ISIS

    9:11 am 10/15/2015

    "Sorry honey, this review for Applebees has turned into a fifty pager."Read more

  7. Michael Wolff: Why Old Media Wins in Hulu's 'South Park,' 'Seinfeld' Deals

    8:30 am 7/15/2015

    "We are against each other," digital VC king Marc Andreessen once said of Hollywood, but it's television that has taken on the web and won, not the other way around.Read more

  8. 'South Park' Re-Ups With Massive Hulu, Comedy Central Deals (Exclusive)

    4:00 am 7/8/2015

    The streaming service will pay $192 million to the network’s owner, Viacom, and the show’s creative team for a three-year extension.Read more

  9. Banned 'South Park' Scene

    1:52 pm 1/7/2015

    The boys learn the true power of violence in this banned scene from 'South Park'Read more

  10. Watch Lorde Actually Sing the 'South Park' Tune That Mocks Her

    6:10 pm 10/13/2014

    Don't be surprised if it gets stuck in your headRead more

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